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First, sorry about the small reviews and the lateness, Uni is crazy right now !

Selfie, Un-Tag my Heart, 1×02

Rated : 3/5

It’s cool and it’s fresh. It’s so absurd and yet, it makes me laugh. John Cho is impeccable, Karen Gillan is hilarious. I don’t ask for more. I can’t think about somebody be so obsessed over her digital image but in the same time, I can understand how Facebook is a drug at the beginning and how everybody is posting online to bring attention, at different levels. And even if it’s greatly exaggerated on the show, the fact that it’s not that far from a certain reality makes it interesting. In this second episode, Eliza has to learn to not just be a booty call to men and Henry decides to give a try to Facebook… and realise how addictive it is when you find all to know about people that you had no interest at all few minutes before. We all stalked our exes or crush on FB or another social media and be extra careful to not like any pictures and reveal that we were there. So, when Henry tags himself on one of his ex breastfeeding her newborn, his panic is legit and you can relate at least a bit. (You never pray that we were fast enough to unlike a comment or picture before the owner gets the notification ? Yeah, we are all the same.) John Cho has a real talent for comedy, not only to play in one but to be the source of laughter.

One reproach, it still moving too quickly. Henry is already a bit jealous of the men around Eliza while they know each other for about a week. They are still on two different planets right now and even if it’s inevitable for them to be an item at the end of the season, two episodes is a bit rushed.


Red Band Society, There’s no place like homecoming, 1×04

Rated : 4/5

I liked a lot the first three episodes, but I didn’t think that I would get so attached to this little show. I mean it’s not pretentious, it’s honest and you just want to hug them and tell them that they are going to be okay and everything. Even Kara, who is seriously the most annoying bitch and cannot smile at all is in some twisted way, likeable. I really like Leo and Nurse Jackson. The first one needs to focused on his future, but it’s hard to fight for a soccer’s scholarship when you were amputated few months back. And yet, it’s his only chance to go to college and he is going to fight for it and learn how to play with a prosthetic leg. He refuses to be pitied and doesn’t want to be defined by his cancer. How can you resist that ? Then you have Jordi and his mum. The teenager is starting chimio but her mom doesn’t really understand how bad a cancer is and how invasive Jordi’s treatment is. Nurse Jackson knows it, the viewers know it and deep down, Jordi knows it too, she is going to leave him because she never been a mother to him and she has no idea how to handle the situation. I know that it’s just a TV show and everything but I felt sorry for Jordi because how many sick kids are lying on an hospital’s bed ? Kara and Emma don’t have the same problems as the boys (even if Kara is definitely in danger with her heart) and I don’t know, I don’t care as much. Actually, the trailer for next week episode was so good, that I’m already impatient and I have a hard time to focus on the episode I just saw. The lawyers of Charlie’s family are coming to stop medical care for the boy, meaning that he will die and I can see Nurse Jackson breaking the rules to save her protégée. Can’t wait !


Modern Family, The Cold, 6×03

Rated : 4.90/5

I don’t want to say that it is a perfect comedy episode, but it’s kinda true. Modern Family always had been at the top of the game in terms on comedy but I feel that this season 6 is going to be spectacular. You only have to see the first three episodes to be convinced. This week, Claire is sick like a dog and because she always feels like she can’t disappointed her father, still tries to go to a client meeting. It doesn’t go well. Phil has the unpleasant surprise to see that he’s the one who gave this cold to everyone when the family blames Mitchell. Cameron has to choose between letting Manny plays football and loses the game or benched him and have Jay and Gloria mad at him. (FYI, the tem won). Hailey is meeting with the first guy who is pushing away (Andy) and doesn’t like the feeling and Lily has a new friend, a little genius, who knows how to do everything. Literally. It’s fantastic. I loved how Luke and Phil are trying to replay the scenes with green screen and end up with something so much worse than the original.

Best comedy for the past 5 years. What can I say ?


Arrow, The Calm, 3×01

Rated : 4/5

I never wrote a review of Arrow before because season 1 was a torture for me and I watched season 2 only for Felicity. The day she’s gone, I’m gone. I find Oliver/Arrow insufferable and even if now the show had put the financial means to give us a proper entertainment, I just don’t like it. But I fell in love with Felicity so week after week I came back and watched. It’s the same for this season. I agree that the show improved greatly and Stephen Amell is such a nice guy (looking at him shirtless is another thing that I like about Arrow). So, we start this season 3 five months after the events of the finale and the Arrow is now the hero of the city and won’t be chased after by the cops anymore. Detective Lance is now Captain Lance, Laurel is blonde (an homage to her sister?) and is still doing her job, whatever it is exactly, Felicity is perfect as always and Diggle and Lyla are expecting a little girl ! Oliver is still the tormented, ‘I have all the misery of the world on my shoulders’ guy and he is still as grumpy as ever. All in all, no big surprises there. But, because being the hero is often associated to having a girl, Oliver decides to take Felicity on a date and tell her about his feelings. Obviously a rocket is fired at the restaurant and Oliver understands that all of it was a mistake and he cannot lose his focus for a girl. Well done, champ. You just dump the most amazing girl in the universe, jackass. Another playboy is in town and he’s here for business. For Oliver’s business : he wants to buy Queen Consolidated. Diggle won’t be Oliver’s partner anymore when his baby girl arrives and Vertigo is still the tread. The real big surprise of this episode (well, I didn’t expect the kiss either) is the brief return of Sara. And her death. Who killed her ? Ra’s al Ghul ? Merlyn ? Anyway, she takes three arrows in the body and fell right in front of Laurel who just hug her few seconds before. That’s a way to finish an episode…


Bad Judge, Meteor Shower, 1×02

Rated : 2/5

It’s still terrible. But less than last week. So you can see it as progress. And as Kate Walsh is literally in every scene, you have 21 minutes of Kate Walsh. Which cannot fundamentally be a bad thing. The title is misleading because when she’s actually doing her job she is not bad but in the same time, someone like her cannot be a judge. Right ? I mean, at the beginning of the episode, tired of hearing a guy honking because she lets an old woman cross the street, she casually take the firemen axe and put it on one of the guy’s car. Just like that. She called 911 because she freaked out after eating two space brownies, she don’t go anywhere without her Beats headphones and she gives the finger to paparazzi. She also put every paparazzi in jail. She basically doing everything wrong but she’s still a judge so I guess it’s alright. Did I mention how the episode ends ? Her hideous van, her lovely van is hit by truck and explodes. Yep. I still don’t know how to think about the scream coming off Kate’s mouth when the scene happens.

It’s confusing as fuck but if you take it at the third or between twenty-third degree (or when you’re high), then it’s good.


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