TV Show Reviews : Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder

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Grey’s Anatomy, Got to be real, 11×03

Rated : 4/5

Meredith and Derek : Major Crisis. Callie and Arizona : Major Crisis. Derek and Amelia : Pretty big Crisis. Meredith and her sister problem and with it Richard : Huge, Mountain Big Crisis. Bailey and Alex : War.

3 episodes and we’re far from the almost idyllic portrait of the Grey Sloan Memorial of the end of Season 10. Drama everywhere. That’s why we watch Grey’s after all. But it’s like nobody is okay right now. Avery is tired to be the chief, Kepner is a collateral damage between the Shepherds, Steph is invisible, Jo has troubles over Meredith and Alex’s new stade of relationship. Well, a guy came to the E.R with a freaking tree in his abdomen so he might be the one to have the crappiest day.

I just love how Meredith is now harassing Alex to talk, following him in his bed, in his shower, drinking on his couch and just complaining all day and night to him because Cristina is in Europe and she doesn’t talk to Derek anymore. It’s been a while since Meredith had been that miserable and it feels good to see her that grumpy and annoying and whining and everything. Sunny Meredith isn’t a normal thing.

Because every couple is breaking down, Calzona are still in their phase « I want a baby » « I don’t want a baby » « Wait, I think I want a baby »… It’s been three episodes, I think that the « We won’t have another baby » is winning but you cannot be sure with these two. Between Callie and her lab and Arizona and her new internship/fellowship something, it’s obvious that the timing isn’t great. But after everything they’ve been through together, please let them have more than one season of bliss.

About Bailey and Alex, I was so sure that Alex was going to be picked that I really was baffled at the end of the episode. Bailey is already in the hospital and she wants to be in the board for her genome program but Alex doesn »t have a job anymore and wanted desperately to go back to pediatrics and do go for the hospital. The fact that Yang chose him really meant something for him and he put his heart in it. And there is no way that Justin Chambers leaves the show, I’ll boycott it.

A lot of drama is going on, I’m impatient to see how Pierce, Richard and Meredith are going to handle the situation and what made the board chose Bailey over Alex.


Scandal, Inside the Bubble, 4×03

Rated : 3/5

I kinda liked the episode and yet I think I insulted them all at some point for being stupid. I gave up on Olivia a long time ago so the fact that she make mistakes after mistakes, why not. But that she, without be forced, go to see her dad ? No, no and no. Jake and Papa Pope are going for Round 453258 of their war to be the commander of B613. It’s been two seasons, please move on. Quinn is slowly falling into the rabbit hole, again. Fitz is having meltdown after meltdown.

So, about the one I like : Abby is finally standing up for herself in front of Fitz and earn a bit of respect from Mellie. Only Cyrus to wear down. Cy… Cy is still grieving, I can’t reproach him to being an idiot and literally thinking with his dick. The right arm of the president sleeping with a prostitute ? I don’t think Abby will be able to find a solution. And Mellie, sweet, crazy Mellie is now obsessed with something else than her dead son and in an hilarious and so awkward meeting with the most powerful people on the planet, she’s trying to explain how she’s right (and she is but nobody cares). It kinda break my heart to see her pouring all her energy when clearly everybody is sure that she lost her mind.

Portia de Rossi is good but I still don’t know exactly what she’s doing except she supports everything that Fitz is standing against. And right now it’s gun control.

I also liked how the writers decided to use David. He has dirt on everybody in D.C and doesn’t hesitate long anymore to use it against them. He is slowly the one who gains power and it can be very interesting if they develop it in the right direction.

When you make peace with yourself that nothing will be as good as the season 2, you just enjoy the fact that it is not a complete disaster.



How to Get Away with Murder, Smile, or go to jail, 1×03

Rated : 2.5/5

Hum, now that the excitement of the premiere is over, HTGAWM is less and less satisfying. I’m really not a fan of the flash-backs : we have maybe 2 minutes of new footage while watching the same 10 minutes over and over and I don’t see the point. Do we need to look for clues when they are in the forest ? I don’t know, I found them unnecessary and they are slowing down the show. But the issue isn’t only with the flashbacks. Viola Davis isn’t at her best at all, especially in this episode. She’s also very close to the character of Olivia Pope : she’s doing the talking because she’s good at it, but to win her cases, it’s her team who gets dirty, she’s very weird with men, she never back down from a challenge because she knows that it’s not her who’s going to pay the consequences,… I don’t need a Scandal 2.0 when the original is already losing its identity.

I also don’t know how the writers expect us to feel for « waiting list », who is normally the easiest character to identity yourself too but who decides that he fell in love with a girl whom he talks to about 5 times and wants to help her when she clearly doesn’t want his help. Let it go, dude. It’s very confusing. Intriguing is good. Confusing is not.

There is going to be 15 episodes (hard to do more when all the season takes place in less than three months) so it’s a big enough show to get better and find a better rhythm. I don’t know, I kinda lost my concentration after 5 minutes so I don’t have much to comment on.

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