TV Show Review: What lies beneath, 8×04


« Let’s make an episode full of liars when the couple we built for 7 years is playing cat and mouse ». « Great idea ». Not.

So this week, Beckett and Castle are still spending most of their time together solving cases (contrary to Montgomery or Gates, Kate has no other cases than the one handled by Esposito and Ryan, how nice he must be… If you put her on the Captain office, then make it believable, bring new characters, make her change and take a more political or something turn), they still all agree that the situation is normal (so let’s say Castle is in denial, Beckett is supposedly falling in the rabbit hole but somehow we can’t see that, Espo and Ryan are indifferent except for their little remorse to hide to Beckett that they speak to Castle, Alexis is not dealing with her father’s love life, Martha tried something and Lanie… Well, I’m not an expert but when your best friend break with her husband I could expect some kind of talk, especially knowing Lanie’s character. But I guess everyone is on board with the weirdest situation.

I saw on a tweet « Castle is trying to fix something he didn’t break », that’s so right. I’m watching the show and I’m constantly thinking « WTF is happening? ». I mean, he looks like Castle has zero ego, let Beckett decides everything about his life and their marriage and everything is chill about it. Alright, but sorry if I’m not ok with it. Alexi and Terrence told us that we’ll find the characters of the first seasons. I disagree with the idea but it’s not even true. How is it the same? It’s just awkward and sad. It doesn’t make me laugh, there is no chemistry. Why showing us that Beckett can’t do a proper cup of coffee to finish with Castle offering her a heart latte but « it means nothing ». If the own show can say that coffee means nothing, then I’m out guys. Come on, I never was so impatient to skip to the winter hiatus as they promised us that the twist will be different.

Anyway, the first scene between Martha and Kate was great, Martha is actually using the word divorce and she looks patient because she loves Kate but you can see the hurt and the betrayal.

The bromance between Ryan and Espo is still going strong, I love that, and Beckett pulling strings for them warmed my heart. They are fun and they are still themselves so it’s great to watch.

The case, well, few twists, a great idea of « Pathological Liars Anonymous », a hilarious conversation about an old blind priest running away from Castle (« Alrigh, speedy. Make sure you stretch before bed » if we don’t take in consideration the storyline, the line was awesome »), an adorable sleepy Castle (he so looked like a little boy in that moment) who yells « It’s my pony. You can’t pet it » was everything. But once again, it’s the wife, it was one of the first people they talk to, it’s so predictable, if the cases aren’t challenging, then we want to enjoy the storyline but too bad, it’s lame.

What is great about this situation is I find Nathan to be even more at comedy, his facial expression are so on point, it’s impressive. Stana, who I love so much, is not really in it, when I look closely at her, just about her acting and not about what’s going on she looks as bored as I am 50% of the time. The rest, she’s amazing, and beautiful and too precious but still.

Just one thing, Beckett is trying to find someone who fled under the radar for twenty years, he’s CIA or from some governmental organization and she tried to shield her family from the danger. But she call Vikram with her iPhone and she just making inquiries about the Simmons’ case like that, without even thinking that she could be watched or that they could be a mole in the precinct or someone is listening the conversations,etc. That’s lazy to me.

So I wanted to make a short review and it turned worst than I thought. Again, I don’t want to hate on the Castle crew, I’m just incredibly frustrated about what’s going on and it’s not working for me. Let Beckett fall in the rabbit hole, in this new tiny lead, let Castle understand that her wife can’t control her urge to solve everything and that it’s a real problem for them. Let Caskett be challenged in their marriage, I’m good with it, but stop with the charade when they solve things together and that she takes two days to have a test on some heroin package like it’s nothing. Shake things up, we’re running in circles.


What I liked:

– Congrats to Barry O’Brien. Lot of awesome lines and a decent episode for a first time!

– Beckett’s outfits (the blue dress… pff, it’s too much to handle)

– Kate and Martha scene.

What I disliked:

– Hard to say when I’m not on board with the main storyline.

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