TV Show Review : The Wrong Stuff, 7×16


When you air an episode like Reckoning or Veritas, it is always tricky to offer the same amount of epicness and tension. So, the next episode is often anti-climactic in an unfortunate way. That’s why making such a weird, impossible and completely crazy situation is so interesting. You cannot just have a classic murder episode when you just change the mythology, the essence of the show. So, it was a success in this way.

Because there is no enough murder in New York, the team is catching a crime….in Mars. For his first case back at the 12th Precinct, Castle couldn’t be happier. I mean, the crime scene is on the freaking soil of Mars! Or not. Because of Mars One, a lot of people are talking about travelling to the red planet or going to simulation to see if they are fit for a one way travel in space and it is great that the show uses this actuality. I’m less convinced by the credibility of the whole thing but it was mostly fun.

I’m glad that the team is back together at last but because of the uneasiness of Ryan, it felt more like a trio, we didn’t much of the Precinct, Ryan or Gates at all so it was more like a transition.

The storyline wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be. The show is still a realistic one but it is not the first time that the writers took a “I’m going to go with it because I love the show but I know that they are over the line on this one” storyline. It was one of them but, once again I agree with them and I agree to go on the trip with the team. I actually thought that the scenes were beautiful, the inside of the simulation, landscape and habitat, were not cheap at all and it was nice to watch.

The rover did it… Better than the butler or the CIA conspiracy, a robot, controlled by a computer killed our guy with a weird screwdriver. Take a minute to think about it. It was one of the weirdest thing in the show. But I never suspected that it could happened. M.I.R.A reminded me a lot of V.I.K.I in I, Robot (I love the movie), how she killed because of the logic of her system and how she tries to protect itself. It bothered me a bit, mostly because I could believe in the simulation, the spacesuit because of the gas and everything, but not the A.I. It was too developed to be realistic. But it was cool as a killer.

I loved a lot of tiny things in this episode. How Beckett’sassiness is back in full force, her incredulity when she learns that Castle applied for a trip to Mars and the dialogue “Where was I?” “We were fighting, the “Castles” of Ryan (Aww!) and Stana’s hair was in a different shape than usual after few minutes and I loved it. Oh and, I know that one of them was so excited about the space trip but it was the other one who rocked the space suit. (Sorry, Nathan, but suits doesn’t help with the broad body).

Martha’s leaving was pretty emotional. It was expected, after an episode of noise and the way things are going but Castle and Beckett’s reactions were pretty great to me. Castle would never kick anybody off his house and loves his mother but it was obviously hard to image a pregnancy without a room available in the loft.

Oh, hey guys, no pressure of anything but when there is nobody at home, we expect you to work on the baby thing, not going to Indian restaurants. I’m just saying.

3 weeks of hiatus for the show but the trailer is really promising and I cannot wait to see how Beckett is going to react to the competition (she cannot lose in the hair department anyway)!



Strong parts:

– After watching Castle’s darkest side for two episodes, watching him like a giant kid was pretty entertaining

– The musics, the opening credits were awesome and all the « Mars surface » was well-made

– Talk or references of babies everywhere!


Weak parts:

– Even if the « killer » was unexpected, all the murder plot was a bit easy, I was thinking about I, Robot and others sci-fi shows/movies that already did stuff like this a million times.

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