TV Show Review: The Mentalist, Serie Finale

Mentalist, the end

The Mentalist is over. The end. After 7 seasons, the curtain falls on Patrick Jane. No more CBI, no more FBI, no more tricks and guess to capture the murderers. A lot of people gave up on the Mentalist at some point or the other. But the show still closed with 10 millions viewers so that’s not entirely bad. This show won’t be on the list of the shows that made history. It wasn’t a revolution, it wasn’t a oustanding show or something that I couldn’t wait to watch every week, but it was honest. It was good, it was fun, it was entertaining and it was sweet. It might be weird to say that about a crime drama show but Patrick Jane was one of the most tortured and yet pure and sweet character of these last few years. Simon Baker brought all his humanity and sensibility to the character that was made to make us laugh and sometimes made us cry.

I don’t remember every plot of this show. I forgot about characters after some time and sometimes I felt like I was drifting away from the show, but I always found my way back. I watched The Mentalist before I started to watch White Collar, Castle or all the others shows that has an unusual pairing to solve crime. So it has a special place even if it wasn’t the first in my heart.

About the cast. Simon Baker, I love him, so it’s a not a surprise. Not my usual type I never could resist those blue eyes and this smile. He was perfect in this role, excellent in « mind-read » and in the « psychic who claimed to the world that psychics don’t exist ». He was selling perfectly the genius and arrogant man who had his life ripped off because of his arrogance and spent several years with only one goal: revenge. He had his, he became a murderer and yet,I never thought that he was something else than an adorable man you want to have his share of happiness in life. Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) was not a favorite at first, it took me few seasons to really appreciate her character but as much as she was warming up to Jane, I was warming up to her. And after watching the end of the show, I realised that I really loved her. Kimball Cho (Tim Kang) was also a character that I didn’t really pay much attention to at the beginning but his love story with Summer changed everything. If Vega wasn’t dead (oh, that hurt a lot, I thought she was the best thing, except Lisbon and Jane as a couple, in this season) I would have love to see a spin-off with Cho, Vega and Willie. It would have been awesome.

Even if they weren’t there for the last two seasons, I cannot not talk of Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) and Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) because they were my favorite as a couple and Van Pelt was my favorite character for a long time. I really thought that I would give up on the show when they left but they came back often and the show found a new dynamic. But I was pretty happy to see them in this last episode, Lisbon and Jane are battling for the cutest couple in the show now, they aren’t alone anymore.

About this new dynamic, one thing that I really find remarkable is how the show took such a different turn after the death of Red John. I think that I will never get over the fact that one Friday I was watching Jane running away from his murder and the next Friday, the next one, not after a summer or winter hiatus, I started my new episode with the mention « 2 years later ». Ballsy. The FBI wasn’t that far from the FBI but for a long time we had Jane on a very different place. In a world where TV Shows are giving us cliffhangers every week but cannot keep the new direction for more than 3 or 4, at top, episodes before coming back to safer waters. I think it’s worth writing about.

Sometimes, I couldn’t follow the plot of Red John, there were to many twists to many people involved, to much dead ends and subterfuges but two years later, I feel that it was a great mythology, a powerful one with a villain as smart as the hero, but both as driven and as ready to do anything to be the last one standing. It was a battle between two minds with many casualties. It shattered Lisbon’s ethic, Cho’s black and white vision of the world and it almost took Jane’ sanity. But we know how it ended.

And it is a bit off topic but I think that it is pure genius that during five seasons we had titles with Red in it, during two seasons we had regular title and that, for the first time (I checked…), the title of the last episode mentionned the color White (« White Orchids »). It’s random but I found it brilliant. We watched quite an adventure.


I want to thanks the writers, producers and crew that made these last two episodes, that they decided to give us, the fans, what we wanted. I won’t make a specific review of this finale but I couldn’t wish more than what they gave us. They even gave us more: Lisbon is pregnant (I scream a bit, really, a Jisbon baby is almost as good as the prospect of a Caskett baby). I mean, I wasn’t even asking for it. They are married, it was perfect, they could have stop there. And yet, they gave us this incredible last scene, this perfect moment of love, harmony and peace. So thanks you.

It’s pretty bad that I write such little things about a show that I watched every week for so many years but I guess me watching until the end speaks for itself so adieu Mentalist and thanks you to let us imagine how beautiful Jane and Lisbon’s life will be in the future in our head.




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