TV Show Review : The Flash, Pilot, City of Heroes


That was some pilot ! I know that he was online weeks and weeks ago and I lot of people already saw it, but I’m old-fashioned and I waited for it to air on CW last night. I really liked it. Not like Arrow that I just start to support after the torture of the first season and thanks to Felicity on the second. But, back to The Flash.

First of all, can I say that Barry Allen is far more likeable than Oliver Queen ? I don’t know about Grant Gustin who really has a baby face but he’s very friendly and I guess that he will change a lot through the season. For someone with super-powers he is acclimatizing fast to his new condition. But I guess that, when you dreamt to have the power to change your life all your life, it’s easier to accept that you now can. So, I like Barry. He’s the layback guy, so nice and too polite who i practically a genius but he’s too withdraw to use his ability. And, how can you not like him and not want to give him a hug when you see the biggest act of friendzone that I’ve seen in a very long time ? Outch ! No, seriously, I really liked him on Arrow so I’m glad to see him again.

About the second roles, it’s not exactly the same. It’s very irregular to say the last. My first issue is with Caitlin and Cisco. Not that I don’t find them sweet but they are so much like Simmons and Fitz that at this point it’s called plagiarism. And I think that Danielle Panabacker looks like a bit to Elizabeth Henstridge. Too much confusion. About Wells, you know that the guy hasn’t the best intentions of the world but I didn’t expect him to fake his handicap. And his power is intriguing, can he see the future or hit is the machine ? About the police, Joe, the father of Iris (who friendzoned Barry) isn’t the most interesting character but he is aware of Barry’s power so he might be some kind of Gordon or Diggle to our hero and be his protector. Policeman Pretty Man, who obviously, got the girl (Iris) when Barry was in a coma (you need to follow to understand) could be the bad guy, he has a bad guy vibe. But, in a town hit by a lightning coupled to X element, black matter and unknown elements, pretty much everyone can be the bad guy or bad girl.

There are not the best actors in the role, the script isn’t a masterpiece but it’s fun, it’s uncomplicated, the characters are attaching, it’s not as pretentious as Arrow, way more fun than Gotham, so it’s not a show that is going to be acclaimed by the critics but it will be watched.

A pilot going almost as fast as his hero, a vigilante with a baby face and a personal vendetta, a team of young scientists and a town full of « meta-humans », I’m not surprised that The Flash did almost 5 million of viewers on CW (2nd best ratings of all time for the network after the Vampire Diaries). Well done.


Strong parts :

– Classic super-hero film/TV show is rarely a bust and the pilot had everything to touch its target.

– I falling right into all the traps made to captured the 15-28 and it’s fine with me.


Weak parts :

– I know it was necessary, but even a small cameo of Arrow is too much. And Oliver can know jump and fly like Spider-man ?

– Again, necessary, but too many characters… At least, they have bodies to kill.

– The suit. Biggest fashion police of the season, yet.

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