TV Show Review : The Flash, Out of Time, 1×15


It wasn’t even a season finale… Pretty insane episode for The Flash this week. The spin-off of The Arrow is already on another level from the Starling City show. The show is going all-in and it is working.

Of course the Flash is full of metahumans that make everything cooler. They can go as far as they want and nobody won’t say anything. Apparently, the dark matter touch all the bad guys in Central City (how convenient) so Barry, Wells, Caitlin and Cisco always have work to do. But even if it’s easier for the show doesn’t mean that the other aspects of it are bad. Barry Allen doesn’t have the body of the typical CW guys but he is far more engaging and likeable (side eye to Oliver Queen), I personally love Grant’s voice so that’s a bonus and he is much cooler than vampires, or aliens. Sure, The Flash doesn’t Felicity Smoak/Emily Bett Rickards but except that this, this first season is pretty much fantastic.

I think it’s great that CW takes risks with the show (well, not too much, but still points for the effort). We had great episodes, for sure but suddenly they just give us something insane between Joe’s condition, Iris sudden change of heart and Wells and Cisco. I mean, it was only 42 minutes! I even check if it wasn’t the season finale, I wasn’t sure suddenly.

I wasn’t expecting Wells to be unmasked so quickly (yeah, terrible) and it is going to bring such an amazing dynamic if they are still following this storyline. I really don’t know how they’ll manage to make the time travelling thing works but as long as Cisco lives I’m okay with it. This scene was heart stopping. I’m exaggerating but seriously, even if it was the typical villain monologue who explain why he is a bad person, the way Cisco looked was so raw, it was really well made. And I didn’t expect this punch. Not that Wells is a soft kitten, he is a murderer but damn, Cisco… I mean, the guy is as pure as it is possible to be. If the Flash is changing the past, it is entirely possible that Wells’ secret will stay like that.

I’m really glad that Barry is exploring new possibilities but after time travel, I’m not sure that he can do much more. Teleportation maybe? We saw that Wells can create a second him, like a clone so Barry will be able to someday but I don’t know, what is more powerful than going back to the past? Damn, I really love sci-fi!

And then we had the all I-love-you-but-you-don’t-love-me-back-so-I’m-moving-on-thing between Barry and Iris. Now that he is dating somebody, Iris has some hard time accepting it and realizes that she loves him as well. I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m not sure it is not a twisted jealousy because it was great to know that Barry was in love with her but even if she’s with someone, he is not allowed to date anybody else. And she will have to deal with the fact that he is the Flash so we’ll see how it will be playing out.


Amazing episode, I cannot wait for next week!

Strong parts:

– Amazing episode that made me smile, almost cry, scream at my screen and finally made me so impatient to see what’s next!

– Even if it was the traditional villain speech, the conversation between Harrison and Cisco was beautiful.


Weak parts:

– The bowling stuff was weird, like really weird.

– The only thing with these kind of episodes is that there is a lot of pressure for the next one.

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