Tv Show Review : The Blacklist, Monarch Douglas Bank, 2×02


Second episode of the second season of the show and it’s the continuity of last week with a darker and creeper atmosphere. There are already so many twists and developments that I feel at lost. During season one there was more or less one big enemy : Berlin and his sbires like Tom. It’s reductive but that was it more or less. And it took quite a long time to see further than the list. While, now, after only 80 minutes there is Mossad, the bureau itself, Tom, the guy still in the shadow who told Berlin to attack Red. And the rest of the blacklist as well. I know it is part of the game but I’m frustrated to never get Red’s agenda. Except that Berlin won’t live through the summer.

About what happened Monday night, one of the biggest criminal organization is shaken when a branch of the bank that cover for it is robbed in Poland. Turns out that like most of the time, information is more valuable than millions in cash and unfortunately for her, a woman has one of the most amazing mind on the planet. She remembers everything, not just in a photographic way but also what she heard, the scent, what she was wearing, literally everything. Interesting to get any diploma but probably source of many headaches… Because of that, she’s the bank’s prisoner because she knows every account number, all the clients and she can blow off the entire organization. Obviously, we know right away that Berlin is involved in this organization and that Red is framing the FBI for a personal purpose (like always, I don’t know why Liz is having a tantrum about it now). As usual, Keen and Ressler are doing the heavy lifting and then Red is using the woman to take all the money of Berlin to have a leverage : his fortune against his ex-wife. Liz will get in the way for about two and half minute and then will let Red to his business.

The best moment of the episode was when Red gets his ex-wife back, in a very bad shape I must add, blindfolded and incapable to walk alone. It’s the first time that Red is showing so much vulnerability, emotions and unable to make it better and it was beautiful. She’s aware that she’s been saved by him and yet he doesn’t even dare to touch her.

A great episode, but the difference of stature/power and resources between Liz and Red is starting to weight down the show. If it was normal at the beginning, after something like a year she should know to manipulate him better.

Strong parts :

– Keen starts to get her shit together and isn’t as naïve as she was.

– Red is showing a new aspect of him. And an emotional Red is a very dangerous Red.

– Ressler is going to give us a really nice burn-out/rehab time.

Weak parts :

– After all this time, even if there were some tension, the meeting between Red and Berlin was anticlimactic.

– Even if it’s awful, I kinda enjoyed to see Red receiving pieces of his ex-wife. It didn’t last very long.

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