TV Show Review : The Blacklist, Luther Braxton: Conclusion (2), 2×10


I’ll tell it right away, I think that this is the best episode of the show so far. I found it absolutely flawless from the beginning to the end. I really loved how Keen is almost tortured to give information she doesn’t even know she has. It is also the moment when we know why Red is so close of her, she is her assurance, the only one person who can protect him from the mysterious and powerful organisation we keep seeing. There is more to the story of course but basically, she’s now the only one who can bring him down. The interesting  aspect is: will she? She couldn’t kill Tom and she was too weak to finish the job multiple times so even if she says that she hates Red and that she now knows that everything was a ruse, deep down she is attached to him, and it won’t be that easy to destroy him.

But really, what I loved was Lizzie talking with her younger self, how she sees the events and try to change them when she knows, deep down that she is powerless and that she cannot do anything to change the story. The brutal way to extract the memory was terrible of course but Megan Boone really pull it off and it was impressive to watch.

I also like to see that Red is way more brutal and arrogant about it. He is not avoiding his enemies while now, we know that he is bluffing and actually has nothing without Keen. I’ve been waiting for a long time to see a more balanced relationship between the two of them so hopefully we’ll go this way during the end of the season.

Another thing, completely different, I really like the building relationship between Aram and Samar. They are so sweet, it’s a nice touch, now that we don’t have Liz and Tom anymore.

It is actually a pretty small review, first because I wrote it three days after watching the episode (wrong move) and second because it was just a really good episode and I’m excited for the rest to come.


Strong parts:

– The way they made Liz relive their memories was absolutely awesome

– I hope that Liz will finally take some power with the information she has

– Berlin seems to be such a little truant when you see the bad guys of this season…


Weak parts:

– None really.

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