TV Show Review : The Blacklist, Lord Baltimore, 2×01


This return of The Blacklist was deliciously creepy for its premiere and I loved it. We found back everything that made the show such a great moment to watch with a Red at the top of his act, all weapons fired (literally) and yet, Berlin has the means to bring him to his knees.

About Liz, I didn’t know what to make of her at the end of the season as I still believe she’s a great character but she was insufferable when the subject Tom became the headline. I get that it’s a better story to let him live and that she’s the only one (with Red?) to know the truth but she wasn’t the strong female character that I was expected. So, she’s now more paranoid, more alert, more damaged and I think that it can be what the show needs. The end of the episode with the haircut was good in that way. And she looks sexy as well. I just don’t know about the dorky-I’m-trying-to-make-an-happy-dance when Harold came back to the task force.

Speaking of the boss, he’s now on Red side, something that never happened during the previous season but he’s also back for blood. One of the comment of Red made me think that he’s dying and has to use what little time he has to finish the mission : finding and killing Berlin. Like Agent of SHIELD there’s a direct change of dynamism as Harold is now a victim, Ressler is near the burn-out, Liz is the hunter and the haunted and Red, well he will have to deal with the capture of his ex-wife (and to receive pieces of her sometimes, how joyful).


I found the atmosphere already really heavy and creepy. And yet the beginning is absolutely crazy, with the soldiers-kids and the missiles, it was all the condenser of The Blacklist in two minutes.
A great premiere that follows an A+ first season, the Blacklist doesn’t disappoint in an episode without timeout.


Strong parts :
– James Spader is at the top of his game and from the first minute to the last one
– No need to introduce character and plot, this season two starts at 200%
– The new hair of Megan Boone


Weak parts :
– There weren’t many surprises, except for the apparition of Red’s ex-wife

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