TV Show Review : The Blacklist, Dr. Linus Creel, 2×04


I loved the first two episodes of the new season because I really thought that we were moving forward and that we would have answers about the connexion of Red and Liz and what Red is expecting of her. But nothing.

We keep the same pattern : the FBI takes down one of the name of the blacklist and Reddington is saving their asses and do his business as usual. Right now, he wants his ex-wife to disappear with her now-husband and finding his daughter. It’s like we have few parallels lines and that they can’t rejoice each other.

Sure, Liz found Red’s ex-wife, but herself won’t spill his secrets and we have the most boring information ever  » Raymond is not the person you think he is ». No way! Like we didn’t know (or Liz) that we have no idea if he is the good or the bad guy. Red is acting for his own interests and need Liz for something. Another proof is that the weird guy with a gun of last week is working fo him to protect Keen. ( I thought he could be one of Berlin or Tom’s minion.)

Even the name of the blacklist wasn’t exciting : second doctor in two episodes, this one is definitely crazier and is doing mind experimentation (consisting on letting patients with mental disorders to kill other people) to prove that his theory is right. He also has a problem with his hair as he keeps rip it off his crane.

Very sort review but I was so bored during the episode. It’s not even bad so I can laugh at the stupidity of the script like Selfie or the fact that it is terrible like Bad Judge. It’s just the same thing that we watch every week.

Strong parts :

– The fake shrink session of Liz

Weak parts :

– The rest ?

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