TV Show Review : The Blacklist, Dr James Covington, 2×03


There was a clear difference of level between last week and this week’s episode and as I was really happy about The Blacklist and especially the new face of Red, I felt a bit cheated on by the show right now. It wasn’t bad but I could have been a season 1 episode.

On one hand, we have Keen who is paranoïac, sleep with her gun, has nightmares and yet, doesn’t realise that, of course, if someone seems suspicious, he is suspicious. What good it does to live in motels if you don’t bring your A game when a pretty face tells you that he has nothing to hide ? Again, there is such a gap between Keen and Red, it’s one of the weak point of the show.

On the other hand, Red is unfazed by Berlin and is testing the loyalty of his team. Everything was so predictable, I don’t understand it. The Blacklist is often confusing but mostly we can see that the plots and characters are the results of a hard work. If we are going backwards, it is not satisfying anymore and nobody should agree to it.

Basically, Red wants to take control of an Indonesian harbor but the Minister in charge of the file isn’t a fan of the criminal. True to himself, Red is not worried and decides to give a new name of the list to Keen : Dr James Covington. He is a former cardiac surgeon who had his licence removed after a professional fault. He went under radar for years and is now renting organs to the richest and often dirtiest criminal. I’m not saying selling, it’s renting. It was the best and most horrible thing about the episode : thinking that at some point, if you cannot make your payment they take the organ back. When we are talking about heart, lungs or liver, you don’t live long after it. We don’t often see a name on Red’s list who is not a bad person per se, but who believes that what he is doing his right and that he isn’t a criminal. He is a moral problem for Keen : when she finds him he is doing a surgery on a kid and she has to choose between arresting him and put the child’s life in danger or letting him doing his illegal surgery with a non authorized procedure and maybe save the life of the patient. It saved Keen on that episode. Oh and I am impatient to see who Pretty Face is and if he is working for Berlin.

Fine episode, but fairly basic and without surprises.

Strong parts :

– It’s rare to see a dirty surgeon who is renting organs.

– Even if it wasn’t a surprise, it’s good to see Red still at the top of the game.

– Red and his ex-wife are seeing each other ! The slap was awesome.

Weak parts :

– Not having the guts to kill Tom, making errors with Berlin, Keen can be good during her work hours, she still defenceless when it comes to her life and the conflicts around her.

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