TV Show Review : Sleepy Hollow, This is War, 2×01


Thankfully there was a sum up of the first season at the beginning of the episode because I felt like I forgot so much during the summer. So many things happened in the last few episodes and I wasn’t sure that I had all the story straight. So, at the end of the first season Ichabod is trapped in a wood coffin in a middle of a forest, Abbie is in purgatory, Jenny had a car accident caused by the Headless Horseman, Henri (the Sin Eater) is the son of Ichabod, Jeremy, and the Horseman of War, Katrina is back in Sleepy Hollow but is captured by the Headless Horseman who is actually an old buddy of Icabod, Abraham. Oh, and Cho is buried under tons of rocks and Captain Irving is going to jail to protect his daughter (she killed two guys when she was possessed). I think I have everything. And it’s probably too late to say spoiler alert.

Now, about this premiere : Wow ! Everything that I love about this show was there, the music was again a powerful asset, I realise how much I missed Abbie and Ichabod’s banter and even if it’s going a bit too fast for me, I really enjoyed the episode.

The idea to make us believe that a year had passed and that Katrina and Jenny are dead was well-made, I only had suspicions after few minutes but it was a great idea to lighten the mood after the finale and yet stay in this war zone. Maye the illusion could have been longer but that’s alright. There were two things that bothered me though : how easily Crane blew up the coffin, and mostly get out of it without a scratch (and yet there was a massive explosion) and I thought that it would have been better to let Abbie struggle in the Purgatory for a longer time. I don’t want her to suffer or anything but for the story, it would have been cool. Again, like in every others TV show, the big twist, shocker of the finale is resolve in the first episode and I wish that we could see bolder writers who won’t be afraid to take risks with their story.

As such, Abbie is free and back in the land of the living by the end of the living and with Crane and Jenny they have to prepare for greater dangers and to free Katrina from Abraham who is using a really cool stone to give the illusion of a head. Still not human anymore, dude.


It was a great episode, fun, lots of action, and we are ready to watch the war coming to Sleepy Hollow.


Strong parts :

– The dialogue about the birthday ritual was amazing, I’m still a Ichabbie shipper even with Katrina return

– A very balanced episode between fun and heavy times.

Weak parts :

– It was a bit too easy for Crane and Abbie to save everyone this time.

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