TV Show Review : Sleepy Hollow, Root of All Evil, 2×03


Oh much I love when an already fantastic show is still improving and keeps on getting better and better ! Sleepy Hollow isn’t the most watched show but the fandom is there, very present and there is a lot of things that other shows could learn about it : how the cast is live-tweeting but not only, promoting the show almost non-stop, how the lines are just superb, how the show’s identity is unique and thought and how good it is in general. This episode had everything. I’m rarely disappointed at Sleepy Hollow and yet sometimes the show outdone itself to create a perfect moment. We had a plot for the episode itself interesting, the future and past are developed, and I couldn’t help but think at the beginning of a chess game. Every player are putting their pieces in place and are getting ready to attack and win. But there is a slight twist : some paws are not black or white, they are grey and their allegiance could change the outcome : Katrina, Irwing and the new Captain.

The Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow were my two favorite new shows last year and I’m relieved that the beginning of season 2 for them is going well. Tom Mison himself was saying that it was more tricky to work on a season 2 than a season 1. After 20 episodes, you need to repeat what is working but you also need to go further and surprise your audience. And both the shows are doing what it takes to stay on top.

There always some humor on Sleepy Hollow, mostly through Ichabod but also from Abbie but I really laugh a lot during this episode. The comment on homosexual relationship was just awesome and Ichabod’s comment ‘I know about homosexuals thanks you! … And I watched the finale of Glee » was priceless. But the best moment was his monologue about liberty and how people fought about it to allow him to walk freely in the precinct to only be told by the Captain that he has 24 hours to provide identification before going to jail. And going at the bar. Seriously that was so good.

I don’t know what to think about Katrina, I didn’t really think about it before because I’m sure that Ichabod won’t hesitate to eliminate Henry but Katrina still thinks that he is her son and that she needs to bring him back to his senses. Henry is struggling himself with his past but I can’t see him turning his back to Molock so Katrina is going to make a choice : her husband or her son. At least if she chooses Henry, Ichabbie could be a thing !

Thanks to the writers, it’s what amazing !


Strong parts :


– Tom Mison is a precious treasure.

– The writers who works on Tom Mison/Ichabod lines are precious treasures.

– How everything is falling into places for what is going to be a massive war.


Weak parts :

– That was some fine episode, nothing wrong about it.

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