TV Show Review : Sleepy Hollow, Go Where I Send Thee…, 2×04


Since its beginning I grew a fond spot for Sleepy Hollow. I’m usually standing five kilometers again from anything remotely considered as horror if I want to sleep a bit. And yet, demons, scary atmosphere and the promise of Apocalypse weren’t enough to drop the show. First, all the actors are awesome. Lead and second roles are equally well-written and portrayed. Then, there is Tom Mison who is just made for the role. Everything he says is gold. The chemistry is strong between Mison and Beharie and for two seasons now the show has a particular fingertips, smart and funny while still disturbing.

Because I don’t remember an episode which disappointed me I could say every week why I love the show but it would be a bit redundant. This week’s episode wasn’t the best but it worked perfectly.

If the monster of the week wasn’t really the most exciting one, the weapon was. The piper was so good, mostly because the sound was amazing to hear and the vision of the forest while being under the spell was so phantasmagoric. One word: breathtaking.

I love this show also because the characters are smart. Abbie is trustworthy so she knows she has to give up and give the flute to Pretty Blonde Guy. Yet, she breaks it because she knows how powerful this weapon is. Of course she doesn’t know that Henry only needs the dust of it, and doesn’t give a flying fuck about the condition of the instrument. I think that he is going to create a super monster, from the different pieces of the monsters previously defeated by Abbie and Crane and that we’ll have a gigantic fight at the end of the season. But it is only a guess. Feel free to give yours.

How, and even if we already knew that Henry wanted Irving blood for something, it was great to see that the Captain has, without his knowledge, given his soul to the Horseman of War. Good luck, buddy.

A really nice episode, a great victory for our couple and a lot of excitement to come.

Strong parts :

– I just want to hug the writers for every or almost every sentences that Ichabod is saying. The monologue at the beginning, I wanted to marry him. (Like every week, but even more.)

– It was great to see someone else that the usual characters to be involve in a curse

– Henry is a fascinating character.

– The forest is so well filmed, especially under the influence of the flute.

Weak parts :

– Maybe it was a bit too stand-alone for the show. But really, I just looking for something, I loved it.

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