TV Show Review: Shondaland is back

Shondaland on Thursday

The now famous TGIT was back Thursday with the season premiere of the 12th season (12!) of Grey’s Anatomy, 4th of Scandal and 2nd of How To Get Away With Murder. And damn, already hell broke loose… 

Let’s start with Grey’s Anatomy:

It might have been the weaker of the three parts of Shondaland this week because they don’t need to make us gasp every two seconds. It was a great season premiere, with a nice case, a tough one on the emotional side with the tragic story of these two teenagers and the way Callie is reacting to it. We wait for the return of Kepner, not like Jackson and Miranda gets to be the new Chief (yay for Badass!Bailey!) The trio Meredith/Amelia/Maggie was a promising premise of what we’ll see during this season. Too bad we lost again Meredith’s kids who don’t seem to live with their mother (or they are exceptional kids, not a sound when the living room is destroyed…Twice.) Amelia and Meredith are two very different persons and they will clash and fight. But they’re family and they went through hell so it will be intriguing to see how big Derek’s shadow will be. I hope that Kepner will get her shit together because she’s only a great character when she’s associated with Avery, alone she’s boring so fix it guys.

This episode was pretty much only a filler, it was great without being unforgettable and it’s a decent start of a season. No more, no less.



A bit more serious now… Scandal!

First of all, I need to say that I watched the last two episodes of the previous season last week. I really wasn’t sure if was going to watch this show. Papa Pope and Mama Pope really made me hate the storyline. So hopefully we’re done for good with these two. Please, writers, we don’t need them. So, if the two psychopaths out-of-the-way, I saw a glimpse of the show that I fell in love with. An Olivia Pope who really take care of business, a very nice storyline and man, a game changer every two minutes! Sally what? A Diana-esque situation what? Divorce papers what? The affair’s out? I mean, wow. Ok, this I love! That was I sign for, not some family vendetta (except when it comes from Mellie and Fitz).

The storyline surprised me. I was very young when Diana died, I’m French so I’m not really affected by this story but I think it takes a lot of guts to replicates the same story: the car crash, the princess with her lover, a royal manipulation,etc. I was surprised but I’m glad that the writers tried something a bit controversial because the show needed a serious sucker-punch. Because of it, Olivia got to work on a real case, she was a fixer again, something that she’s remarkable at but that we lost for more than two seasons. Sally Langston and Elizabeth North are going to be some pain in the ass for Fitz, Mellie, Olivia and Cy and I can’t wait to see how the situation will be next week, with the affair between Fitz and Olivia in the open… We’ve been waiting for it since the beginning and it going to be huge. Between internal conflicts at the White House and the enemies on the outside, our little gang is more fragile than  ever. Will it ruin Olitz? Will Mellie and Cy, the evil duo, will unite to take down Elizabeth? Will Sally get her dream, the presidential chair will this stunt? Who leaked the pictures of our favorite couple? There’s so many things, so many roads the show can take and I loved it!

I don’t want to get my hopes to high but if the season looks like the first episode it’s going to be glorious.


And finally, the too-much, WTF, bloody awesome: How to get away with Murder!!

This show is something else. I have a real love-hate relationship with it but half the time I finish my jaw slack and the brain completely fuck up, only able to say on repeat « What on earth happened? ». And once again, the last 5 seconds blew my mind. This season is going to make us an even bigger rollercoaster…

So we left our sweet liars and murderers unaware that one of them (minus Annalise and Franck) that Rebecca was killed in the basement. They still struggling to get back to a normal routine but Annalise has still Nate on her back (well, when you frame a cop/your lover for murder, it’s rare that the dude say « sure, I’ll take the death penalty baby, no sweat »). To help him, she calls her ex-lover, who is surprisingly a woman. And a damn hot woman (it’s Famke Janssen who was Jean in the X-Men movies) she is. Like always with Annalise, I don’t know with she has genuine feelings for the woman or if she’s just playing her for help. Wes is still the weirdest kid in town, we had an almost full frontal of Connor, Michaela is trying to pick guys at bar and Lauren is… well, annoying and smart.

Once again, we know the time frame of the season, 2 months or a bit more with a very nice murder, as Annalise will get a bullet in the abdomen sooner or later. Wes is obviously involved (I don’t know how many episodes we’ll have to wait to see them naked together) but I really doubt that he’s the one who will kill her. He cannot be the murderer a second time. One can only avoid prison for some time. The shady brother and sister will be more than a normal case and as the murder will take place in their fancy house, I guess there’s more than money involved. I won’t try to understand what’s going on now because it will be no use and I’ll enjoy the ride.

Wes is a murderer, Bonnie is a murderer and Annalise is going to be murdered… So far, so good.



If you read till this end that for you

And please, tell me what you think of these episodes!

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