TV Show Review : Selfie, Pilot


The idea to based an entire show on the sole trend of the « art » to take pictures of ourselves and basically be more or less all attention whore is not as dumb as it sounds. At least it talks to people. The pilot is actually funny. Mostly because it works between Karen Gillan and John Cho. He is allergic to smartphone, social media and don’t download every moment of his life to share them. She is a star on Instagram, shallow to no end, doesn’t know how to interact IRL and is a bitch to everyone.

Unfortunately for her, Eliza is humiliated when she realizes that she has a fragile stomach and that two bags of her vomit ends on her dress and stilettos at 10000 feet away from the ground. Hashtag Loser. After realizing that she might have thousands of followers and fan, nobody is willing to help her when she’s sad and shameful. She decides to use one of her colleague, without really asking his opinion to do a makeover, make her popular again, rebrand her. But to do so, she needs to understands that there is a life outside her iPhone. And it’s not as easy for her as it is for normal people.

She’s the queen on ego, her world is limited to what she likes, she chooses her clothes, her food, everything on how good it will look on Pinterest or Twitter. Her phone never leaves her hand and the only thing that can make her nervous is to not receiving Likes. Familiar isn’t it ? We all know an attention whore personally.

Karen (who was Amy Pond on Doctor Who and recently Nebula on the Guardians of Galaxy) and John (quite surprised to see him as I thought that he was still going to be present on Sleepy Hollow.. on FOX and seen on the remake of Star Trek) are the biggest asset but the second roles like Da’vine Joy Randolph, Tim Peper and Allyn Rachel hold the house as well.

The dynamic is working, the jokes are funny and even if it’s not playing in the same category as 2 broke girls or the almighty Modern Family, it’s alright to watch it.


Nice pilot for a fun comedy without pretension.


Strong parts :

– The duo John and Karen is already oiled and functioning perfectly.

– The tone of the show, it’s 20 minutes, it’s fun and uncomplicated, perfect to switch your brain off and have a break.


Weak parts :

– The quality of the show itself, it’s entertaining but it wont stay in the history of TV shows.

– Everything is going to fast but it might only be the pilot.


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