TV Show Review : Scorpion, Pilot


Another review of a new show, this time on CBS. I’m kind of baffled here. This episode was the most unrealistic thing ever. I think that I just like WTF ? during most of the 42 minutes. It was a mix of Fast and Furious, Chuck, 24, Mentalist and I don’t know what else. You have the genius with a 197 I.Q, a human calculator, a sort of sociologist/mentalist/thief/shrink and a mechanical prodigy. There is nothing I get from it… First, it’s claimed to be « based on a true story ». So, okay, Walter O’Brien and proclaimed himself that he is a genius. But there’s nothing to confirm it and anyway, what happens in that first episode can never be a real thing.

From the first scene it’s weird. Supposedly, a boy, around 9 I’ll say, he’s found in the countryside, and by found here I mean that all the department of National Security with helicopters and armed soldiers are there while the boy explains that he just wanted to have the design of the shuttle and had to hack into NASA to do so. It’s not even the hacker talents of the boy that I find impossible to believe in but the possibility to do so with an old computer and a small modem… And it only escalating from there.

The plot of this pilot is simple enough : all communications between the three biggest airports had been cut and there are 56 planes flying in the dark. Obviously, there are only one person to solve the day and it’s our little hacker, now adult, chief of a broke but crazy smart dudes. Pretty much heavy on the drama then. And yet, you laugh because it’s awful, because the actors are not good, that the dialogues are nonexistent, that nothing is possible ans at some point it’s just pure joy to mock it. You always need a show to watch just because it’s awful. I found mine! And I’m pretty sure that the ratings will stay afloat because I’m not the only one who’ll want to laugh at it.
I can’t even speak about how suddenly every road in L.A are straight and that they don’t need to turn once to reach their destination with a crappy car, how the pseudo mentalist managed to find a hard-drive in the middle of thousands of identical hard-drive in 20 seconds or that there aren’t any other place to use as a QG than a coffee shop where you can find a beautiful waitress. (We find a bit of TBBT there, with Penny playing the link between Leonard and Sheldon and the world at the beginning of the show, here Paige is the « normal » person who is going to earn an insane amount of money to integrate the team as « person to help you understand emotions ».

But, I really really need to talk about that scene with the plane. I think that it’s already cult. I could have been a scene from Fast and Furious and even then, people would have said that it was too much. How, can you drive a Ferrari at around 300km/h, without the roof of course, under an airline plane with 250 people in, so quite the big plane, and manage to link an Ethernet cable between the two moving parts ? I just… You all need to see the scene. It’s awful, epic and delightful !

The show is terrible, and not in the good way, but it’s so awful that it becomes fabulous. So, yeah, see you next week Scorpion !


Strong parts :

– Maybe the son of the waitress who is also a genius, that could be a great counterpoint in the story.

Weak parts :

– Everything ?

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