TV Show Review : Scandal, Run, 4×09


Wow, that was some episode! After all the boredom of the last season and half, it is great to see that the writers still can surprise me and make me enjoy an episode. The kidnapping was a great idea but it is what comes next that is brilliant. I feel like I finally see a piece of the Olivia Pope that the show promised me in the first season. A gladiator, a fighter, a woman of action that is no longer hiding behind two men. And thanks to this episode, I finally see how talented Kerry Washington is. I love the actress, the woman she is but I never felt like she was doing an amazing job on Scandal. She mostly keeps the same face and the episodes don’t get her much room to work with. But this one was a game changer. She was breathtaking and hopefully her character will be push to her limits so we will be able to witness more.

Even if the episode was amazing, I guess this review will be pretty short as there is just Liv (and some dreams of others) in it. But I need to emphasize how great the episode was. I really felt like I couldn’t stop watching for one second by fear of missing something. And I really want to know who is behind this (I truly hope that it isn’t Rowan, I’m so sick of him). I also hope that we will focus on all the others characters on the next episode and how they live the situation on the other side, how Fitz and Jake will have to team up to find her back or are they going to hate each other even more (if it is possible)? There are a lot of questions and for once I’m impatient to get the answers.

So, I’m really glad that we could see how raw, how hurt and terrified Olivia Pope can be. How, the white soldier is turning into a murderer to save her life and how she is pushing herself to survive. Even if I yelled at her to not give up on the gun (I mean, seriously…), the fact that they actually made Olivia Pope kills a man was awesome. I condemn strongly violence in the real world of course, but it was so good to see a character that lived in its shadow for so long to come back so strongly. The « hostage » and the idea of them being in Africa bugged me from the beginning but I wasn’t completely sure so the « revelation » was still good.

The hallucinations were nice, I mean, Olivia will never end in Vermont making  jelly (wine maybe, but she isn’t aware of how to cook other edible food) but it was shown at a good moment and it actually had a purpose. The directing was really interesting as well. I found that they experiment few things that we never get to see on the show, less traditional way to deliver a scene and that was well-made. Great work from the writers, the crew and the actors.


It’s been years since I’ve been that excited about a Scandal episode so I really hope that the next episode will keep this path and won’t go back to the easy and boring way.


Strong parts :

– Great change of scenery. Gave a boost to the show. But for how long?

– Kerry Washington’s acting. She won her Emmys there.

– The directing was inspired and refreshing.


Weak parts :

– I’m not saying that the show is usually believable but we are entering a new level of unbelievable.

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