TV Show Review : Scandal, Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia, 4×01


Two years ago, I was addicted to Scandal. It was one of my favorite show ever and now, I watch it two days later because I want to see how they are going to kill the show this time.

This season premiere didn’t disappointed as it was as terrible as expected. Well, not exactly, I didn’t think that they could let Oliva comes back to D.C that fast. Since May, the communication’s plan of ABC and the team was « Where on Earth is Olivia Pope? » who took her father’s offer and took Jake to stand in the sun. So, she left without a goodbye to Fitz and her team and now, few days/weeks/months later (?) Quinn send her an article to tell her that Harrison’s body had been found (in the desert with a bullet in his head, thanks you Papa Pope, asshole). Olivia has to go back to D.C.

Did I mention that this happened in the first THREE minutes ? I mean, at least when Beckett changes her career it lasted few episodes, when Derek had to decided between Seattle and D.C took the whole season premiere to decide, when they tried to make us think that one year had been spend in Sleepy Hollow it last ten minutes, and I can go on and on but seriously, one hundred eighty seconds ? Okay, you lost me already.

I watch Scandal for Mellie and Abby, I don’t care anymore for the rest so if you love the show (you can, I’m only judging you a little), it’s not here that you’ll find a nice review of it.

So, Mellie. She completely stole the show last season and she stole the season premiere. I can’t believe how much I hated this character at the beginning. She made me cry last year and her scene on the tomb of her son was heartbreaking. And yet, her speech to Fitz at the end and the way she barged on the Oval Office in PJs was just amazing. If Scandal is one of the show that I watch with so little of enthusiasm, Mellie is one of my favorite characters in TV.

Abby is also in interesting character. She was very close to Harrison and always loyal to Olivia – it’s no surprise that she goes to her right side during the funeral – and she doesn’t wait for her former boss to come back to go on with her life. I like that. Plus she’s the sassy character on the show.


This season premiere wasn’t a disaster, it was better than the last five episodes of season 3 but I don’t think we’ll ever find back the true essence of Scandal. Plus, I’m gonna miss Harrison. But Mama Pope is dead so, there that.


Strong parts :

– Bellamy was in the episode for five minutes and yet, she’s amazing

– I’m kinda glad to find a normal Quinn. It’s a bit stranger since she was completely crazy during the finale

– I like the funeral. Deal with it, fashion department, Kerry Washington looks so much better in black than in white.

– All the steamy dialogues, crude remarks from Jake, Cyrus and Mellie were delicious.


Weak parts :

– Olivia is already back to D.C

– Olivia and Fitz almost handshake. I know that they are going to be back together in no time but I don’t think I’m a shipper anymore.

– It always the same, Fitz is a lost boy, Papa Pope is the devil in Earth, Olivia lost her magic and David is torn between safety and justice.


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