TV Show Review : Red Band Society, Sole Searching, 1×02


After the nice surprise of the pilot last week, RBS keeps on working for me. It’s the same ingredients as the first episode, with a really nice music, humor and small rivalry between the kids and maybe a bit more of pathos.

This week was about Jordi and his surgery. Every body is sure that he is going to get amputated of his leg to remove his cancer but the (really charming) surgeon finds that his cancer had spread and that it is not necessary as his condition is worse than feared. Before Jordi is even aware of that, the surgeon (I’ll try to know his name for the next review) warns Leo, who was waiting for Jordi to wake up and gives him moral support. Leo is struggling with his prosthetic leg and takes the news hard. I can understand his reaction as even if he is not a bad guy, not being the only one with only one leg was a silver lining for him. Leo takes Dash (and his leg) to have some fun at some fraternity house near the hospital. Even if it was clumsy it was interesting to see that a cancer patient only one to be seen as normal. Of course he ends up drunk (it’s insane how drunk/high these kids happens to be in just two episodes while they are in a hospital) and can’t even walk anymore, but not before insulting a girl of ‘slut’ when she wanted to fuck him. Guy needs to make up his mind.

About the other ones, I like the way the kids can talk and see Charlie when they are unconscious, it’s a great idea and it breaks a bit the rhythm. Emma is still refusing to eat and lie to the nurse, Kara is still a bitch and Dash is skateboarding in the hallways. All in all, it’s a normal week. Yet, we see that it was Kara’s father and step-mother that we saw last week and that her mother is now married to her ex-nanny – you still follow me?- and that Kara hates her. Not really fair as it is her other step-mom who is more concerned about her and her health. It was funny and pretty depressing to see how Kara’s mother was trying to launch a marketing plan to help her daughter to get a new heart. Ah, the rich and their ideas…

A nice but easily forgettable episode, yet some really nice moments.



Strong parts :

– The atmosphere, fun and yet moving

– The interactions between the nurses and between the nurses and the kids

Weak parts :

– They’re still not the best actors

– There were already so many clichés, I’m not sure adding a lesbian couple was necessary because they should be existing without the fact that they are lesbians. There it was almost a full caricature.

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