TV Show Review : Red Band Society, Pilot


I saw that this new show on FOX was a remake of a spanish one but I didn’t explore it as I don’t want to take the risk to be spoiled. Another example of the fact that if this fall season is busy, the number of originals scripts isn’t that high.


This show is about few kids living full time in a hospital and what they’re lives are when you go to school near the E.R, that you are monitored 24/7 and that you fight to survive everyday. It’s not the show of the year but I found the pilot very nice, moving and fun. Sure they are tons of clichés and the all situation (the large rooms, the patients smoking weed and drinking while having chimio or mucoviscidosis) is not the most realist thing ever but it’s a feel-good show (that probably gonna make me cry at some point).


The narrator is a young boy who’s in a coma. He’s omniscient and comment on everything that happens in the hospital and for his condition, he’s pretty cool about everything. You have the teenager fighting cancer who had to have his leg amputated, his best friend who has mucoviscidosis, the pretty and angelic girl who has eating disorder and two new patients : a cheerleader hated by everyone who needs a heart transplant (like the narrator said, pretty ironic for someone who doesn’t have one) and a teenage boy « with balls » who came from Mexico to have the best doctor possible for his cancer. That’s for the kids. Then you have the absolutely most beautiful pediatric surgeon (yes, Alex Karev you have competition), the « crazy bitch » nurse, who hates everyone except her patients even if she doesn’t show it and an adult patient, hypochondriac who is allowed to stay at the hospital all the time as he’s going to give his fortune to the institution.


So, yeah, it’s incredibly cliché but I don’t know, it works for me. When you tell you that a hospital like that cannot exists in reality you just stop thinking about how much living there can cost (especially for the orphan living in another country), how you can steal the car of a surgeon and not having problems afterward or throwing the best party ever on the roof of L.A.


I’m fully aware of all the problems that this show has, and yet I spend a really pleasant 40 minutes. So, count me on for episode 2 (already aired)


Strong parts :

– A bunch of cliché but lovable characters

– The pop music is really good

– If I have to live in a hospital, I would pick this one, not the one in Seattle…


Weak parts :

– A lot of people won’t be able to like it as it’s too naïve and that are not « dying » enough.

– Not the fault of the show but seriously, why putting a show like that against Modern Family (one of the most watching show in America) and SVU (with always great ratings). Like always FOX is taking all the wrong choices…

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