TV Show Review : Once Upon a Time, White Out, 4×02

Once Upon a Time

There were sweet all of them, no drama, no fight, no quarrel, well, there were just this little incident with an ice wall but nothing compared to the Wall of Games of Thrones so stop being pussy. Emma, you have magic, it could be time to know to use it.

Elsa is definitely not a bad person but again, it is about control, ladies ! I like how she tries to be badass and boss around people and yet she has no clue about what she’s doing. It’s like she’s realising that there is a reverse function to her powers. But if she’s just want to get her sister than that okay, I’m with you kiddo.

Emma, Emma, Emma. I don’t know anything about being a savior or why your magic couldn’t work when you were in danger BUT I do know one thing : when you are cold, even a bit, like right now because it’s fall, then you fucking close your jacket ! She’s freezing to death but no, why keep her internal warm ? Her white tee is so much more interesting… Oh, and when you’re unconscious and blue, you cannot just sit up and look around two seconds later, it doesn’t work. But she was the sweetest with Hook, like really, it was even better than kissing, so everything is forgotten.

Actually, it was Mary Margaret you made me laugh more. She looks so good as the deprived sleep mother you just want to sleep and be alone with her son and just let her husband and daughter saves the day and yet, at 3 votes against zero (nobody knew that there were elections), she had been elected Maire and she now has to give electricity to her people again. Her meltdown against the dwarfs and Granny was splendid. And all the interactions with the baby were sweet.

Can we talk about the limits of the city ? Because it’s rare that Storybrooke inhabitants can leave the town, but the town itself can apparently getting bigger and bigger. Last week it was Belle who had found a manoir without landlord and now, we discover that the city has a butcher, that she has a horrible accent and that you don’t want to mess with the ice cream lady (Ladies and Gentleman, the Snow Queen is selling ice cream <3) who seems to know a bit more about control than the two other blondes.

It feels like I said a lot of bad things about the episode but I actually enjoyed it, I just love making fun about how OUAT is the best at the worse. And seriously, Emma and Hook were so sweet that they could have melted the ice by themselves.


Strong parts :

– Emma and Hook, I think that I didn’t mention it enough

– The end, when Henry and Regina hug each other in front of her very big and very lonely house. Moving.

– I like when we discover the face of the new villain.

Weak parts :

– Josh Dallas with that haircut? Not possible.

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