TV Show Review : Once Upon a Time, The Apprentice, 4×04

Once Upon a Time

It’s getting juicy on Once Upon a Time ! Rumpelstiltskin is fully back to his business after almost a year of good behavior and his goal is to free himself from his dague and still keeps his powers. And he trapped Hook, who is afraid to going back to the man he was before while Emma is ready to give him a chance, to help him in his quest. Now that he is blackmailing the pirate, Rumple is mostly free to do whatever he wants in town.

Completely oblivious to what is going on with Killian, Emma arrests a very drunk Will Scarlet (who has a not so lovely encounter with Hook the previous night) and wonders why he fell asleep with Alice in Wonderland book. I never finished Once in Wonderland so I don’t know how it ends or if the action of OUAT is before, during or after OUAT in Wonderland but you see how Will is still attached to Alice and it’s probably not his choice to be separated from her, far from his land. And I always had a soft spot for Will so, again, I’m really glad he is in this season.

While the flashbacks of Arandelle were boring and seemed to be endless, I loved the flashbacks of Anna and Rumple and the story about the weird box/hat-containing-a-small-universe that Rumple found on his new house. Of course Belle would want to live in the house where Rumple would find the thing he wanted to have all his life. But back to the Enchanted Forest where Anna didn’t get the memo about making a deal with the Dark One. She actually get away with crossing Rumple far better than most of people and manage to steal the box that Rumple can now open and go back to Arandelle. I’m still not convinced about Anna, Elsa and Kristoff as I think they aren’t good actors and that they all act stupid. But, that’s only my opinion.

Henry is going undercover for the happiness of his mother, Hook might have to say goodbye to his love because he threatened Rumple’s one and we still don’t know what the Snow Queen wants and how she came to Storybrooke. I don’t think everything’s bad with this season.


Strong parts :

– Emma and Hook are so cute together. We need to enjoy it cause it won’t last long..

– Mary Margaret and David playing the over-protective parents to their thirty-something daughter (who has a pre-teen son) was sweet.

– Even if I ship too much Hook and Emma to like it, Rumple and Hook storyline might be really interesting.

Weak parts :

– Weird rhythm, so I was easily bored.

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