TV Show Review : Once Upon a Time, Shattered Sight, 4×11

Once Upon a Time

Despite the fact that OUAT received more critics in this season than in the last four, I’m still hooked to it. I’m still not convinced by few actors (Anna and Kristoff, I’m looking at you) but still find the show interesting. I don’t write much about it but I won’t repeat myself about all the things that are awful in the show because I think that everybody agree to it. There are still a lot to appreciate and this episode was pretty exciting.

I thought that the episode of last week was going to be the last before the hiatus because the cast of the shattered sight was pretty big and it could have been a nice cliffhanger but no, we had this episode and other next Sunday before a dry spell of one month.

Even if it wasn’t really what I expected I found the idea of finding the worse in everybody was good. But I thought that there would be blood and hurt people, even dead ones. And they were just saying bad things at each other. Bit disappointed. Anyway.

One of the good things was the flashbacks of the time when Emma was living with Ingrid. I was always confused if it was the truth or if it was Ingrid’s point of view and so of course it was flattering for her. The time when she pushed Emma in front of a car was awesome, Young!Emma was like « WTF ? Go away you’re insane! ». Ingrid isn’t evil like Rumple or how was Regina before, she’s just a bit crazy and delusional. She’s so desperate for love than she’s willing to kill everyone else to get what she wants. But her sacrifice showed that she didn’t want to harm the people of Storybrooke. She accepts easily the letter of Greda tough. I would have been a bit more sceptical but well, that’s no House of Cards or anything.

Even if I liked the episode, no Hook and Emma and no Regina and Robin is not okay. I’m going trough some heavy withdrawal right now. The fact that Rumple is still using Hook is interesting but because I love the two characters I’m conflicted. After all this time, it’s like Pretty Little Liars who still go into the woods or follow creepy people, they should learn. It was what made me stop few shows and I guess it’s a matter of time before I do the same here even if I’m enjoying it.

Even if Regina is one of my favorite character ever and that seeing her in her evil queen outfit was great, I found Lana’s acting not on point. It was too much or not enough, first with Emma and then with Mary Margaret. But it was nice to have the sassy back and the arrogance of the former queen. It was also really sweet that despite the curse, Mary Margaret and David are still in love with their baby boy, showing how the Charming family is loving its children. I still have troubles with the interaction between Kristoff and Elsa, I know they are Disney character but it is just too naïve for me.

So, Ingrid is out, Rumple won’t be undercover for long, mostly the last episode before hiatus, will he be the big villain of the second part of the season or someone will invite himself to Storybrooke (city between 10000 and one billion inhabitants..)


Strong parts  :

– YER A WIZARD EMMA ! I mean, that was hilarious ! But Emma didn’t take as good as Harry.

– The friendship between Emma and Elsa is so nice to witness.


Weak parts :

– The fit of laughter between Mary Margaret, Regina and David made me so uncomfortable…

– I found the death of Ingrid a bit too easy (yeah, I know that I’m talking about OUAT)

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