TV Show Review : Once Upon A Time, Rocky Road, 4×03

Once Upon a Time

There is so much time that I can spend watching flashbacks. And, boy, we spend so much time in Arandelle! I know that we need to understand her back-story but it’s like we don’t even see Storybrooke anymore. Contrary to the popular opinion in the moment, I still enjoy a lot OUAT. Probably because I always categorize it in my ‘for entertainment purpose’ only. And because like Arrow with Felicity, I’m in love with Regina. So I’ll stick to it.

Now that the viewers know who she is, the Snow Queen (who arrived in Storybrooke probably in the same time as everyone but nobody knows her while she’s having the ice cream shop…) decides to help Regina (and put the blame on Elsa) and casts a frozen spell on Marianne, letting her die slowly in front of Robin. Regina, to prove her  change of character, uses a radical solution, only preserving the heart of the woman and still hopes to get Robin back.

Emma is still struggling with the back that she brings more misery than happiness these past few weeks and that Hook is likely to die soon if she stays with her. Fortunately, the handsome captain knows how to make her change her mind. Like daughter like mother, Snow White has decided to not let her baby out of her sigh and out of her arms for one second, so scared that she’ll miss something, like the entire life of her son. When you think that there is a giant ice wall around the city it might be a wise decision.

About the Snow Queen, I’m sensing that she isn’t another villain but she’s a part of something bigger. Elsa is involved, Emma as well, though I don’t know how they could have met before and Rumple is willing to help her bring chaos to Storybrooke so it must be something juicy.

Oh, and a surprise was waiting for me during the episode : Michael Socha. Michael is a thief names Will Scarlet and he is also the Knave of Hearts who was the one to bring Alice back in Wonderland in the terrible spin-off. I stopped watching after few episodes because I may watch disputable shows but I have my limits and Michael’s British accent was one of the rare things that I missed. Knowing that he is a recurrent in this season is an added bonus.

Strong parts :

– Rumple is back to business

– The questions are interesting

– Michael Socha.


Weak parts :

– Too much flashbacks

– Elsa and Kristoff are not convincing.

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