TV Show Review: Once Upon A Time, Operation Mongoose, Season Finale

Once Upon a Time

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty disappointed with this finale. I’m aware that the season, or the one before, or… ok, you got the picture weren’t amazing as well, but because of it I never have a lot of expectations with the show and yet, it was worse than I thought.

I really don’t expect much of OUAT. I’m just asking for some Lana/Sean and Jennifer/Colin goodness. Seriously, it’s not a lot. They can even kill everyone and just let Regina and Hook lives (and maybe Henry, I got quite attached to the boy), they would be miserable, I would be too but it would be okay. I wouldnt’ laugh out loud about the bad special effects, the bad acting and the complete lack of a decent story but it might be a decent show.

I’m pretty pissed at OUAT because I really didn’t think that it was possible to expect less of a show. And yet, it did. And it lasted foooorever… I wasn’t against the starting point of the story: Rumple wants to save himself so he asks the author to write him a happy ending because it isn’t fair that villains can’t get what they want (yeah, really, who came with the stupid rule?). I cannot really blame him for the shortcut when we all saw Regina battling for her true love the past two seasons and never get what she deserves (Team Regina all the way). But the Author didn’t make villains win. He merely changed them in the surface (Rumple, Zelina, the dwarfs,..) to build a happiness built on nothing. So it’s not really the villains’ triumph if the Author had to make them some sort of heroes. I don’t know, I feel cheated on.

There were so many things wrong about this season finale that I cannot think about all of them but first of all, everybody can try as they want, for how long they want (even if they are going to lose me at some point), Ginnifer Goodwin cannot play a villain. It’s just impossible. Maybe in another show, completely off her image of Snow-White but please leave the wardrobe to the true Evil Queen. Josh Dallas wasn’t catastrophic, but again, it wasn’t really belivable. The ones who really got a kick out of this alternate reality are Hook (perfect, amazing Killian), Henri, Robin (pretty much the same anyway) and Regina was also okay. It was too bad that they couldn’t find another idea than switching the « nemesis » in the alternate reality with Snow White and Regina. And I’m pretty sure that Rumple never signed to be a freaking knight. The guy is only happy in the darkness.

I also need to point out that Patrick Fishler is terrible. He was already terrible in few guest-star appearance in others shows but it was for an episode, not few of them, and it really is awful. It’s not like any of the others can pretend to an Emmy but at least I believe in their characters some time.

Since they mentioned the Author, I was absolutely certain that Henry would be involved and then’ll become the next one. I wasn’t expecting Emma to really becoming the Dark One, but it wasn’t a real surprise. Eh, well, watching Colin moping can be nice as well.


I’ll still be there, looking for Merlin as well because I can’t leave Colin, Lana and Robert but please writers, crew, actors, do something.


I liked:

– Hook as a complete dork, harmless and falling in love with Emma all over again.

– Henry becoming the Author and Emma the Dark One.

– Regina and Robin are in a pretty good place when you think that Robin got another woman pregnant. All things considered.


I disliked:

– Pretty much everything.


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