TV Show Review : Once Upon a Time, Heroes and Villains, 4×12

Once Upon a Time

Last episode of the first part of the season for OUAT and one storyline to go away. It’s time for Anna, Elsa and Kristoff to take back Arandelle from Hank’s hands and to leave Storybrooke. It’s great when a show isn’t afraid to move forward without a ton of dramas but even if I never fully embraced the Frozen cast, the love between Anna and Elsa and the friendship between Elsa and Emma were amazing to watch. Because they are all short on portals since season 1 but everybody is still going from world to world on a regular basis we might have the chance to see them again. I guess that at some point, at the end of the show there will be a massive fight between heroes and villains and the barrier between Storybrooke, the Enchanted Forest, Arandelle, Neverland, the real world and so on will break and it will be a beautiful mess to watch. But right now, Anna and Kristoff need to get married and Elsa has a kingdom to rule so, see you again guys !

It was finally time for Rumple to use the power of the hat to free himself from the dagger and, because he wants to, kill Hook once and for all. So, first of all, I prefer Hook to Rumple, way sexier even if the first one is a much more interesting character and secondly, Henry cannot leave Storybrooke so I’m not on the Crocodile side this time. And like always, « villains cannot have an happy ending » and after all this time, Rumple is going to understand that he is no exception to the rule. It was really interesting to see another dynamic in place. It’s not the Charming or Regina, who has her own problem, nor magic that will cause Rumple to be defeated. It’s love. Belle is putting her feelings for him aside and find the strength to use the dagger to control the beast. Belle always saw the best in Rumple and I think that like a lot of people she truly felt that he changes while he was planning to get even more power. Even if the director of the episode was under something, there were something that what really good : how the two villains, Rumple and Regina, had a changing moment in their life with their significant other on this spot between magic and normality. And both times were heartbreaking. Robin has to leave Storybrooke to save Marian who only chance is to live in a world without magic. Of course Robin couldn’t let his wife alone in a foreign land or without her child so he left while knowing his heat belongs to Regina. And as a huge shipper of this couple, I need them to be reunited as soon as possible (blushing!Regina after sex is just so great to watch!). But Regina is letting Robin go because she truly wants to be better and be worthy of Robin and Henry’s love. It’s a very interesting arc because I truly thought that she could go back to be the Outlaw Queen (and even if Lana Parilla in the Queen wardrobe is something that I love deeply), the evolution of this character is really one of the best thing of the show.

About Rumple, even with the unconditional love of Belle, the grief of his son and the fact that he has a grandson to look after is still only motivated by the power. Rumple is the biggest villain of the show, and it’s normal that he won’t change and that the only way for him is the victory or his death. And that’s really interesting to have a character dealing only in absolute (yeah, I’m really impatient for Star Wars VII). But as I really love Belle, it’s going to be painful to see Rumple coming back without being the loving (well, for Rumple) husband. Even if I had some reserves about the Frozen plot, it went very well and now, the three new villains seems to have a lot of potential as well.

And, because of my other favorite couple of the show, with the not-so-planned-travel of Rumple, Hook gets his heart back ! He is still an idiot, but he is my favorite one-hand idiot.

OUAT will never be the type of show that let us hanging in your chair, completely lost without it or anything, but it’s really pure entertainment and fun. And this first part of season 4 showed us that Disney has enough heroes and villains to get going for a very very long time.



Strong parts :

– It’s going to be interesting to see three villains, not under disguise, ready to be the weapons of Rumple’s revenge.

– OUAT never had any trouble getting rid of characters and Elsa, Anna and Kristoff went back to Arandelle, no fuss, no drama. One story down, another coming.


Weak parts :

– Who the fuck directed this episode ? That was a freaking disaster.

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