Tv Show Review : Once upon a time, A tale of two sisters, 4×01

Once Upon a Time

I don’t think I ever write a review for this show while I follow it since the beginning. I’m not a really big Disney/fairytale girl but the show has two powerful assets to me : Lana Parilla and Colin O’Donoghue. Not for the same reason. It’s over the top, not all the actors are credible and the special effects are awful. So obviously it is fantastic.

We left StoryBrooke when Hook and Emma finally admitted that they were made for each other, that Snow White and Prince Charming were welcoming their son, that everybody was more or less in the same place and that Emma had made the greatest mistake : bringing somebody from the enchanted forest, a woman named… Marianne. Of course it could not have been somebody else, a nobody you wouldn’t have torn apart the couple between Robin, who is having his wife back and Regina who was finally trying to settle for peace and love. Oh, and Elsa, the heroine of Frozen had been transported to Storybrooke.

Even if I ship Emma and Hook, my biggest pleasure in OUAT is to watch Regina. And even if I like her as the Evil Queen, I loved how she tries to use white magic and be a better person for her son. And her couple with Robin was just perfect. So, yeah, I’m Team Regina and Marianne has to go asap. I mean, when Robin tells her that he cannot break his vow even if he loves her, my heart broke a little for her. And the only way she knows to suffer less is through magic, so it was obvious that she wasn’t going to sit tight when the love of her life is with somebody else.

I’m not really familiar with the Frozen story (I didn’t even see the movie, even though I couldn’t avoid Let It Go) so I don’t know if Elsa is a potential villain or if she’s just attack when she’s afraid and she just want to find her sister. I mean Regina made the curse because she was evil, Cora was the same, the Wicked Witch wanted to changed the past, I think Elsa is the only one with power to arrive to Storybrooke without asking anything to anybody. So I don’t know what she’ll do to the city.

About Emma, I wish she could stop feeling so heroic, guilty, etc and just enjoy the fact that Hook is crazy about her, that she’s quite crazy about him as well and just be happy. Like Killian said, « We’re always in crisis. You should try to live your life during these moments or you are going to miss it ».

A great premiere, a bit too centered in Elsa, but normal as there is her arrival in the city and her back story to tell. No good or bad surprises, a classic OUAT.


Strong parts :

– Regina is back to her evil plans and me gusta.

– I don’t know what the deal is with Gold but everything is always interesting with this character so I’m impatient to see what’s in store for us this season.

– I prefer Elsa to the Wicked Witch.

Weak parts :

– Not enough of Emma and Hook. Well, not enough of Hook.

– I know it’s somehow in its DNA but seriously guys, do something about the special effect. The snowman was awful.

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