Tv Show Review: Marvel’s Agent Carter, Valediction, 1×18

Marvel Agent Carter

Marvel learned a lot from Agent of SHIELD and gave us a tremendous first season. A very short one, but a great one. Peggy Carter, Thompson, Stark, Sousa and Jarvis are already our friends after only 8 episodes.

“I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.” On the first episode of the show and for most of it, Peggy was invisible to the SSR if she wasn’t carrying the coffee or the sandwiches. But, at the end of this finale, she comes back as a hero, applause by every man in the room. But it doesn’t matter. She knows what she did and what her mission was, she did her job. End of the story.

Peggy Carter is quite the character. Powerful woman in a time when they were nothing to the eyes of men, merely sexual objects and good to keep the house clean, Carter never accepted to have a smaller place in the society than anybody else because of her gender. She fought as hard in the war as her colleagues and she has more skills than most of them.

At the beginning, Agent Carter had less assets than Agents of SHIELD because the second one is taking place between the movies we’re watching while the first one is happening after WWII. We know that Howard Stark is innocent and will be cleared because we know his back story from Tony. We know that Peggy won’t die because she was present at the début of the SHIELD. So, there’s a lot of suspense that cannot be exploited. And yet, it worked perfectly because the writers never try to play us. They concentrated their efforts to find a delicate situation that required Peggy’s assets and they made her solve it. As easy as that.

Even if her character was already a strong one in the first episode, Hayley and the writers made it evolve. The Peggy of the last few minutes, taking a step back from the SSR, knowing her power and finally letting go of Steve isn’t the Peggy that wanted to help Howard but made some mistakes on the road from the beginning. There is a clear progression in these eight episodes. From her, obviously as the lead actress but also from Jarvis, Sousa and Thompson. The others are less impressive because they are not as important. I love Jarvis, he is not my favorite character because I have a crush on Hayley the size of Paris but I really love him. And he is more and more a partner to Peggy than the butler who helps in some situations. They develop a beautiful friendship and the chemistry between the two is great to watch. Sousa is not really in the light but he is a sweet guy, shy and self-conscious because of his leg but the way he is in love with Peggy is everything. He is also taking his stand from his colleagues about his disability and proved that he is worthy of the SSR.

Thompson might be the one that surprised me most. First because even if I think Chad Michael Murray sexy, he is to me Lucas Scott. I cannot help it. So it was hard to believe in the character at first. But he kinda grow on me and the way he opened up to Peggy, about his time at war, and how he trusted her ultimately made him interesting to watch. I really hope that we’ll see more of him.

The scenery was great as well. I love the way they dress and everything is so vintage at this time it is quite lovely. I think it is also time to say that the costumes are impeccable. It is almost an ad for the best fashion style in the 40s/50s.

Mostly, it is a funny action show but the last scene of Peggy dropping Steve’s blood in the Hudson River was pretty heavy on my little heart. It is insane that a couple that was never a couple is so powerful. I guess that we already knew from Steve’s point of view but damn they would had been invisible together. And beautiful. And sweet. And awkward. And perfect.

I’m glad that the Leviathan story is over and that the « mind-doctor » is locked up (even if of course he has to be in a cell with a brilliant, if not sick, mind) because it doesn’t really end on a cliffhanger. We could let Peggy live her life, knowing how she influenced the SHIELD and the future and it would be great because we had a great time and the story that the writers wanted to write is written. But I hope for more because I know they can go further.

Great show, great characters, great actors, great script as well, this first season was perfectly handled. Maybe even too much. Go on Marvel, dive in, take some risks, put them in danger, made us cry and laugh. I’ll wait for the second season.


Strong parts:

– Peggy Carter is an extremely powerful character. Maybe we didn’t really notice during Captain America but Hayley Atwell is fantastic.

– The season delivered every thing perfectly. There is a beginning and an end and the plot went without a hitch

– Gave us the need of a second season. Introducing Arnim Zola from the Winter Soldier was brilliant. Again, we know how it will end, but in Agent Carter it is the ride that we are looking for.


Weak parts:

– A bit overplayed

– They could be more adventurous, taking more risks

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