TV Show Review : Marvel’s Agent Carter, Now Is Not The End and Bridge and Tunnel, 1×01 and 1×02

Marvel Agent Carter

After Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, another spin-off had be bought by ABC with Marvel’s Agent Carter. Following the young officer saw on the first movie of Captain America, the show is following Peggy Carter after the war, still grieving the love of her life, Steve Rogers (or maybe it’s best to call him by his stage name : Captain America). The SSR doesn’t need her anymore and see her as just a secretary while the boys, away for years take back the power.

Unlike a lot of people I never quit Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I can testify loud and clear that it became a really great show, finding its own voice and rhythm. But these two episodes let us think that we won’t need half a season to get a quality show. Hayley Atwell is hypnotizing, James D’Arcy is intriguing, Chad Michael Murray is surprising (mostly because I had no idea that he would be there and that I can’t see him in something else than Lucas Scott, even after all these years) and Enver Gjokaj is convincing. So for the main cast, it’s already looking good. About the story, I felt like the beginning of the plot was rushed. We see Howard Stark for few seconds and yet it’s Peggy’s all mission to save his ass. Like in 90% of the pilots, everything was going so fast to show everything they could and to keep a hold on the audience. And in general, it was a great introduction.

I guess Marvel learned about their mistakes thanks to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S and maybe now people understand better that even if they can read the word Marvel, it doesn’t mean that the Avengers are in it. The beginning of the show is also privileged to get a starting point older than SHIELD so we know that we are going to watch something that happened way before Tony and Thor.

It is also thanks to its casting. In two episodes, Hayley Atwell is already one of the revelation of this 2014/2015 TV season. She’s impeccable, she’s the character, she’s badass and sexy and smart and sassy. It is also important to watch a TV Show with a female lead. We have How To Get Away With Murder, Madam Secretary and State of Affairs who arrived this season (with different successes) but Agent Carter is fundamentally about a woman fighting for the same rights than the men. It is also of course about a shifting society, an after war period when the lines are blurred and the euphoria cannot protect against enemies.

I mostly think about Atwell, D’Arcy and Gjokaj who were the gems of this two-hour launch of Agent Carter but with well-written dialogue, great scenery (we really live the 40s), already a big villain and a lot of actions, this is a complete success for the newest addition to the Marvel Universe.

Strong parts :

– The cast. They really are good actors and most of them, not really known will surprise us I think.

– The fun. Most of the times in SHIELD we had Coulson making jokes and it fell flat most of the time but Jarvis’s behaviour is funny without too much efforts.

– I always get a soft spot when I see such a badass female lead actor in a show.

– The writing. Especially for Peggy Carter. It’s really strong, perfectly tied up and we believe in what they say.

– The already existing chemistry between Peggy and Jarvis. Sweet and fun, I look forward to see more.

Weak parts :

– Because it is in the past, the writers won’t have the same liberty as they do in the movies or in SHIELD to create events and they’ll have to respect what already happened.

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