TV Show Review : Marvel Agents of SHIELD, Scars, 2×20


MAOS ties up its link to Age of Ultron while Raina is having fun, Skye needs to choose, Jiaying doesn’t want people to make fun of her scars and May is mad at Coulson. A lot of things are going on.

Episodes like this one makes me feel so good about continuing the show after the disastrous start of last year. The show took so much depth and interest, it’s beautiful to watch. It’s still not perfect, far from it but it’s mostly pretty awesome.

I’m glad that they didn’t dwell on the Age of Ultron tied-up as they are way too much going on in the show to get space for something else. It happened in a bad time for the show that’s building up the finale and has other concerns than thinking about Fury and the Gods. I mean, May isn’t talking to Coulson anymore! Who cares about Sokovia?? No, seriously, I think May is overreacting because during the first season she did exactly the same thing that Coulson did; she lied. She had this secret phone on the Bus (yeah, we miss it too) and now, she’s pissed off because he was secretly searching for Loki’s spectre and hiding the freaking Hellicarrier. She can be hurt of course but suddenly she would be ready to turn her back on SHIELD? Coulson can be close to Skye but it will never be the same as the relation he has with May. She understands his place as the director and yet, she cannot accept to be kept in the dark. Hopefully a little war will bring them together soon.

I didn’t understand a bit about Kara’s vengeance. I liked to see that Ward is as sneaky as ever but I’m so tired of his character that it is the only thing that I appreciated. I found the fact that we couldn’t say at all what he was thinking, who he was with and everything but now, I just want to understand him, at least a little. About Kara, I guess she isn’t aware that Bobbi was never a real Hydra agent and that she had to keep up her cover but it seems to go deeper than that.. I don’t know, the fight was cool but the rest was WTF.

When I saw that Jiayin was killing Gonzales, I wasn’t surprised a bit. And I thought that everyone was feeling the same. I mean, of course she’s a villain. You don’t get to be Hydra’s prisoner, get cut and your organs put into jars and then not be bitter about the world. I always thought of her as the leaders of a gifted group who has to hide but why should they? I mean, they are the most powerful. It’s very « I’m related to Magneto » thing. I never saw once Jiaying as the cute and sweet mother who takes care of everyone and love to stay hidden in a (beautiful yes) but still small place. She had to find a way to start a war with SHIELD and it’s not the scar allusion that made up her mind. If it had been Coulson, it would have been the same. I really don’t know why people are so surprised. I felt that Gonzales being surprisingly understanding of their « problem » was the surprise. But well, it didn’t last long. Will he rise as an Inhuman? It would be awesome and it could prevent the war.

Raina is also a great surprise to me. I never loved the character, I still don’t (the pikes don’t help) but I always believed that she was having real visions and that she was at least telling the truth because she’s still not completely herself. I don’t doubt, for one second that she’ll be back to her selfish, crazy vision of the world and that she is a chosen one so she needs to get the power but for now, she’s aware of the danger they are facing and I believe that she’s attached to Gordon and the others Inhumans, she thinks that she belongs there and she doesn’t want this tentative happiness slipping away.

We also learned more about Cal. His strength (and mood disorder) is coming from a potion that he needs to drink regularly. And a pretty guess would be that he took a great piece of it before being taken by the SHIELD. Jiayin is finally showing her true face. Skye will have to choose between family and family and it won’t be easy. Coulson will have to get his team back, their trust and their goals firmly in place. What about the rest of the Inhumans? What is Ward’s plan? There is so much going on, and yet it feels that they have the situation under control and that will get the answers we seek.


It’s going to be a terrific season finale! It won’t be like Age of Ultron, the show certainly doesn’t have the budget and a Hulk/Iron Man/Thunder God/… but it’s going to be really interesting if they found a way to show us a credible war between SHIELD and the Inhumans. Buckle up, we’re going for the final ride.


I loved:

– They are finally and officially called the Inhumans! Yay to that!

– Patton Oswalt is always a great addition to the show. And he has the best sheets.

– The May/Kara’s fight was awesome, the reason wasn’t.

– The drawing of Hunter. Perfect character is perfect.


I disliked:

– I love Jemma, I really do but they need to choose what her future is going to be. She can become this hard, cold murderer because after everything she’s been through it would be understandable but they don’t get to make the old Jemma surfaces so much then. Or she wants to kill Ward or she doesn’t.

– Mac quitting was weird. I don’t know why now. Just after Porto Rico, sure. After what he did to Hunter, sure. But now? It doesn’t make any sense. And with Bobbi in danger, the guy is going to stay.

– This time, the link to the Marvel Cinematic was probably not for the best interest of the show. They had to talk about it, but it was mostly to create a gap between Coulson and May. With everything that’s happening in MAOS, it was too much to speak about Age of Ultron and so it was rushed. Right now, we don’t want to think about Sokovia, we want to see who’s going to win between well… too many players actually.

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