TV Show Review : Marvel, Agents of SHIELD, Making Friends and Influencing People, 2×03


Better than the last episode (that wasn’t hard), Agents is giving us a better look of Hydra, omnipresent and yet so mysterious. Simmons is, of course, an infiltrated agent in the heart of the neo-nazi organization because they are going to brainwash her brain to ever make her turn her back to the SHIELD and except Fitz and Tripp and the new guys (Mac and Hunter) know that she is a double agent. Skye is still trained by May and she has some serious skills in addition to her IT abilities. Fitz is still struggling and we have the visit of an old friend. Donnie Gill was the student Fitz and Simmons met when they did their conference on SHIELD campus and who could create ice after being struck by lightning while doing an experience. The two scientists had saved his life and now he is trying to escape Hydra with a slight advantage : he developed and learned to use his powers. And man, he is good. A bit drastic in the approach (everybody dies) but very effective.

I must say that if it is not yet the best show ever, in terms of narration, characterization and action, the job is done. I was so pleased to see Fitz going to Ward’s cell as he is the only one to blame for Fitz’s condition. And Ian de Caestecker played wonderfully. I’m not sure if Skye would be able to kill Ward, but I believe that Fitz could hurt him and I definitely think that May, Coulson, Lance, Trip and Simmons would do it.

Dr Whitehall and his right arm, Bakshi, seem more interesting than the clairvoyant as they are directly seen and they don’t hide the fact that they are now the (principal) head of Hydra. And they even recruited Maya Stojan (Tori on Castle!) as Agent 33. I hope she’ll have a role in the season as I really like this actress.

What I didn’t really like/understand, is how Skye is reacting to the events. Maybe it is because she is a 084 and therefore she has no problem to kill a former « friend » without increasing her heart frequency or she’s a sociopath. I don’t even think that May doesn’t feel anything with a sniper. And yet, she’s on full panick attack when a reference to her family is made. Well, Ward isn’t wrong about her dad, but it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t seen it coming at all. She’s been looking for answer all her life and suddenly she’s feeling weak on the knees ? You can do better, writers.


All in all it was a great episode. I hope that it will stay like that and that the storyline will keep moving.




Strong parts :

– Simmons is (really) back and she is awesome in Hydra.

– You don’t have to be an Hydra’s fan to appreciate their new strategy to gain allies.

– The confrontation between Fitz and Ward.

Weak parts :

– Who thought for a second that Simmons would betray SHIELD and Fitz ?

– Skye doesn’t show any reaction to killing a young man that she knew but has a panick attack when Ward tells her that her father is alive ?

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