TV Show Review : Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.LD, Shadows, 2×01


They are BACK !


And I’m starting by : What have they done to my baby Fitz ?? :(( I mean, I knew that he wouldn’t be the same after the little adventure in the ocean (again, thank you Ward, little piece of shit). But I’m not okay at all. So bear with me, I’m a sad little thing tonight.

First of all, I’m really happy that the show is still as good as the end of season 1. I’m the first one to say how bad it was at the beginning and I don’t blame the people who stop watching last fall but it found its rhythm and it feels like a Marvel now. It was a really nice start of season, obviously very connected to the last episode in May and we keep on adding questions to the already high amount of things we don’t know. First is the strange inscriptions that Skye found when Garrett when nuts, inscriptions found in the new 084. That won’t be revealed for a long time I guess so moving on.

Ward, little piece of shit, is a prisoner in the SHIELD facility and is trying the all redemption act in front of Skye, who is not buying a single word of it. Good girl. If Fitz doesn’t find a way to get out of his own mind, can they shoot him, pretty please ? Plus, he needs to shave. And, why he is having the biggest cell ever with a bed looking so comfortable ?

Coulson is now the director of SHIELD and he is trying to recruit as many allies as possible while Talbot is still treating the organization as a terrorist one. Fun, fun, fun. The guy seems exhausted. And I felt like he was back to the grandiloquent but not on point character like at the beginning so I hope that it won’t fall on this pattern again.

I like the bond between May and Skye, it’s on the most badass female team in TV and after they’ve been though it’s great to see them close. And Skye has more substance, the betrayal of Ward won’t be forgot anytime soon and she really looks like a soldier now. Obviously I’m not forgetting about Tripp but except that he’s handsome he didn’t do much here.

Where the fuck is Simmons ? I mean Fitz is hallucinating, getting crazy without realizing, has lost his capacities and Simmons is not even here ? Again, not okay at all.

The fact that Hydra got its hands on the Absorbing Man is interesting as he’s quite the enemy to have and I’m intrigued by Dr. Whitehall (the Kraken) who seems to have find a way to be immortal ? (I still have to built theory on this one).

Less procedural, definitely darker (the « Go Dark » of Coulson was awesome), a team with new members and broken ones, Hydra still everywhere and a new big villain to hate and a lot of seeds planted, we are in for a great season.


Strong parts :

– The beginning introducing Agent Carter (the newest show from Marvel) was nicely done and gives us an idea of what to expect.

– A darker team, still healing from its wound, with new dynamics and new challenges to overcome.

– A lot to think about and to be impatient about.

– Nice actors for the Kraken and the Absorbing Man

Weak parts :

– The impression of Talbot by Coulson, too much.

– I want my baby Fitz back at 100%…

– I still feel that the show doesn’t use everything that it could.

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