TV Show Review : Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, What They Become, 2×10


Can I just start by saying that I’m hating everything right now ? I mean they could have choose Mack or Ward or the English one or even Fitz (and I love Fitz) but that was just terrible.

It’s not like I can really be mad, I’m just sad, because the episode was awesome. It felt like the show took a different direction and it works very well. It was like a mini-Avengers, full of suspense, action and it was well made. I think that Agents always tried to lighten the mood and we had Coulson making bad joke, the dynamic FitzSimmons and everything. But most of it is gone. Everything is running against the clock and they know that they are not the most powerful ones there.

Everything was interesting in this episode, there were no moments of floating, of not so good transitions, all the groups had problems on their own and they didn’t wait for somebody else to save them. May is still as badass as ever, not in combat this time but in flying the biggest plane ever. Coulson was intense as Fitz who desperately needs to prove himself. The chemistry between Bobbi and Hunter is surprisingly good and then we have Trip and Skye.

Skye was the center of the episode, her and the impending end of the world. She’s finally meeting her father and it was perfect. The two actors, the tension between them, how Chloe and Kyle managed to sell their fucked up relationship (if we can use this term). Cal is obviously living in a parallel world where you can be a murderer, helping Hydra and still have a warm welcome from the twenty-something daughter he knew for few months. Well, shocker but it doesn’t go as planned. Though, how he told Skye’s mother’s story was upsetting, for us and for Skye and the humming song was creepy as fuck, it was a really interesting scene. Now, that he found his daughter, less than delighted to be here, he only has one idea in mind : killing Whitehall. I agree with the plan actually. I think that the Doctor is really attached to Skye and wouldn’t hurt her, even when she rejected him (treating your father at gunpoint can strain the next Thanksgiving and Christmas I think) but seriously, he called her Daisy, no way she would be happy with him. It was obvious that the woman who Whitehall took the organs and throw like garbage was Skye’s mother but it will be nice to know with Skye has the same gift as her, not aging, or something else entirely. After the little show on the temple she might become something completely different. But she already changed so much and we could see it in this episode. May trained her well and she’s not this genius hacker anymore, at least not only. She’s a highly trained agent, and she’s deadly. I’m so glad that she showed this new strength of character by shooting Ward. She’ll never get manipulated again.

I still can’t understand Ward. I mean, he can’t understand himself I think but except that he is a psychopath, I don’t understand his agenda. I find hard to believe that he is so in love with Skye that Raina says. Before Garrett’s death is was easy to get him but now ? I guess we’ll see.

One of the best scene of the episode was the moment when Calvin is about to kill Whitehall when Coulson arrives and shoot him (Whitehall, not Calvin). You can literally see Calvin’s brain snapping because Coulson « stole » the revenge he planned all his life. It’s also the opportunity to see how Calvin is powerful when he beats the shit out of Coulson. And it allows Skye to pick a side between her real father and her father figure. (Solution : she held one at gunpoint and she’s crying « Sorry » to the other)

So, about the temple. It was obvious that Raina was going to put the Obelisk in the temple because she’s sure that she’ll have all the powers in this new world. Skye is following her, feeling super guilty that she couldn’t kill her father and, why! why ?, Tripp manages to go with them at the last second, wanting to protect Skye. So the Obelisk is starting to open itself when the building shows some signs of weakness and everybody tries to get the hell out of it (apparently Mack found his spirits back) and when the Obelisk starts to change Raina and Skye into stone, Tripp is doing the only thing that he can, he neutralizes it but he gives his life to do so. At this point I had something in my eyes, so I didn’t see everything but the rocks around Skye and Raina are exploding while Tripp is changed into dust. (again, big something in my eyes…). Skye and Tripp were pretty close and you could see the desperation in Skye’s eyes, who cannot do anything, watching her friend dead and then vanished in front of her. I guess that one of the team had to die but I’m still not over it.

And, because that’s Marvel we have the chance to see few seconds to make us wait four months. There are several Obelisk (because one wasn’t enough!) and one of them is the property of a guy without eyes… So, there that.


You know when you believe in a show, that you stay and watch every episode even if it’s not good and you just know that you need to stick with it because it has so much potential ? Well, it feels like it’s the time when Agents of SHIELD tells everyone that : yes, we have to watch it. That it will blow your mind and that they thank their viewers. So thanks you guys, I hate you right now, but I can’t wait for March and see what the future holds for the show.


Strong parts :

– Even if it destroys me (pun mostly assumed…), the ending was absolutely awesome : the place, the way they are changing into stone, really well-directed.

– Chloe Bennet impressed me. During the scenes with Skye’s father, with Coulson and the last seconds, she plays better than usually.

– A dramatic way, more than a humorous one could be the answer for the show.

Weak parts :


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