TV Show Review: Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The only light in the darkness, 1×19


I guess after so many good episodes, suspense and twists the show needed to calm down a bit and get back to a more traditional plot, stops a guy with super powers, even if obviously with the fall of the agency nothing will ever be the same. And it wasn’t a bad episode actually. Plenty of stuff happens and the story with Ward is kepping us entertain.

So, one of the Fridge’s prisoner, Daniels, is on the loose and he has one obsession: find the old love of Coulson, the cellist Audrey. The guy absorbs the energy and can kills just by touching. Garrett knew that Coulson would never stay hidden while people are in danger and his plan works as Coulson, Fitz, Simmons and Trip go to Portland while May, Ward, Skye and Koenig stay at the base.

The Ward storyline was much more interesting than the cellist was so the episode was a bit unbalanced but it didn’t bother me that much. Especially because Coulson was quite moving and Fitz completely unsure about what to do about Simmons and Trip. I don’t get while these two are still not together but since Trip arrived in the picture I don’t ship them so much anymore. I guess both couples would be good.

May was also a central point in that episode even if we didn’t see her a lot. I can’t figure if she’s in love with Coulson and just respect him so much and trying to stay BFF. No matter what, Coulson can’t forgive her and she can’t deal with it and leaves the base, let Ward free to do whatever he wants. I’m sure she’ll come back as soon as the team will need her but it was sad to see her pack and leave.

Skye gets quite the spotlight in that episode and I liked it. I’m really glad that she discovers that Ward is Hydra and that she’ll have the chance to destroy the data of the hard drive. She’s in love with him and you can see how much his betrayal means to her. He doesn’t just let down the agency, Coulson and the team. Even if he claimed that he has genuine feelings for her, she probably only see him playing with her for informations. And I can’t wait to see her making him pay for what he did.

A nice episode that will lead to some nice confrontations next week hopefully and the return of Hill (who I though was going to work for Stark at the end of Captain but now seems to be Military?) and Deathlock.

Strong parts:

– Skye knowing that Ward is Hydra and just kills a S.H.I.E.L.D agent. And manipulates her. And mostly going to try to kill her. Nice breakdown and nice attitude afterwards.

– May leaving the team and at the end catching up with her mom?

Weak parts:

– It wasn’t as powerful as the latest episodes.

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