TV Show Review: Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Beginning of the End, 1×22


I’m glad that my love for Marvel made me watch and never give up on that show. It took its time to find its rhythm and really be interesting but the second part of the season after the hiatus was better and better every episode. And I look forward to watch more of it in the fall.

First I need to write about FitzSimmons who again where so sweet that it could be annoying as hell but actually are the best thing. They are so cute on each other but also with everybody. Obviously Fitz is willing to give his life for Simmons and the line « You’re my best friend » « Well, you’re more than that » broke my heart. We always saw how Fitz was in love with her but not so much for Simmons who always acted more friendly. I don’t know how Fitz will survive, if his brain will recover from the drowning and that’s what I want to see most in the first episode of the second season. Simmons cannot really function without him and I want the awkward genius back.

About Garrett and Ward, clearly the first one lost his mind, like Coulson had said to Fury when he asked to shut down the T.A.H.I.T.I program and Ward, who cannot live without having direct orders, pathetic guy, doesn’t know what to do. Since he was revealed as an HYDRA agent, Ward’s persona was really hard to follow. Again, I don’t understand how he cannot do something against Garrett and how he cannot do anything if a superior doesn’t give an order. The guy is a robot. I don’t know if he’ll be back next season, but if he’s not I won’t miss him. Triplett is so much better.

Badass May was again in full force and it’s perfect. The long awaited time when she’s facing Ward was amazing, even if the first moments of the fight were happening in the dark and it was hard to see the choreography. But I’m so glad that she kept her promise to kick his ass. But again she had some golden lines to go with her moves and Ming-Na Wen is fantastic.

The death of Garrett, first by Deathlock, who is finally free, and then by Coulson was great. I found myself screaming at my screen, trying to tell them that they could at least cut his head or something to be sure that the guy is dead and obviously Garrett wasn’t dead and I was pissed but Coulson coming back to look for him and blow him like nothing was hilarious.

I don’t know what will happen with Skye, I can’t see her being evil without even her knowing it but it’s intriguing. And if she was something weird before, how is she going to react, body and mind, now that she had GH325 injected? Garrett became crazy almost the minute the serum was given to him, Coulson seems fine (expect for the last scene of the episode where we see that he has the same vision than Garrett in his head).

Of course the apparition of Fury was great and the fact that Agent Coulson is now Director Coulson is awesome. It gives so much possibility to watch the S.H.I.E.L.D reborn.

The show had its up and down and had trouble to find how makes things interesting when none of the Avengers are present and Marvel did great. The team doesn’t seem weird anymore and we have our weekly dose of super heros between movies. See you in the fall!

Strong parts:

– May beating the shit out of Ward

– Coulson being awesome with Fury and killing Garrett like it’s a tiny spider

– It was everything that we could expect for a great finale, we had the resolution of the plot and the villains of the next season (the father of Skye and Raina and Quinn with the gravitonium)

Weak parts:

– Not really, but if Fitz doesn’t make it I’ll be really mad.

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