TV Show Review: Marvel agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Ragtag, 1×21


This show is getting better and better every week. This episode was seriously good. Fun, well-written and a good dose of actions.

I liked the fact that we get to see the first meeting between Ward and Garrett and why Ward is so devoted to him. Garrett taught him to be a killer but as much as I understand why Teenage!Ward could follow blindy Garrett, after all he joins Hydra before joining S.H.I.E.L.D, but I think Ward is smart and can think by myself. Not the almost robot that we can see when he’s near Garrett. So why after more than ten years he’s still like a puppy near him? I can’t see how he still believe that having feelings is a weakness when he worked for months with people having his back. There is still a beating heart under all the evilness as he didn’t kill FitzSimmons with a bullet. Okay there are in a capsule and are sinking in an ocean but there are still hope for them. And they won’t die, not when the show is renewed for a Season 2.

About the team, I like how Trip is now a part of it, the talk between May and Skye when May talks about how furious she is and how she’s going to kick his ass when she’s going to see him. And the fact that Fitz is still trying to find a reason why Ward is suddenly the devil himself was actually sweet. When he begs Ward to not kill him and Simmons it was very emotional. Fitz is really the nicest guy possible, so sensible but he’s also the one who always stand up in front of Hydra member. I loved that he was the one putting Garrett in such a critical position.

I despite Ian Quinn, his smugness and his arrogance but he’s efficient and I look forward to his future altercations with the team. Raina is getting more and more mysterious. Does she has a super power also? Or is she a 084 like Skye? Garrett is still an ass and I enjoy every minute of his agony.

Strong parts:

– May and Couslon with their itchy sweaters and trying to pass for Fitz and Simmons.

– The flashbacks about Teenage!Ward were interesting.

– Coulson being a fanboy in front of the old spy stuff.

Weak parts:

– Not really.

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