TV Show Review: Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nothing Personal, 1×20

(Like always, SPOILERS)

 Again, the show keeps on getting good and I don’t know about a season 2 but I’am all for it now. The main event was the fact that the entire team is now aware that Ward is Hydra thanks to a message from Skye and the discovery of the body of Koenig. It is also the almost kidnapping of Skye by Ward to hack the hard drive. They were some really good moment but also some quite strange. I don’t see Ward not knowing that something is off with Skye when she speaks in riddle and try to hide a gun on her body. But her story about why she chose L.A and this specific diner and the first time that she met Mike was great. Deathlock time was great too. But I don’t get why the team doesn’t try harder to break the device in his eye, they already done it for someone, I’m sure FitzSimmons can do it again. But them, they are getting sweeter and sweeter. Their time at the pool together can only be summed up with « Awww » when Fitz asked her clearly to tell him if she’s from Hydra with all his innocence. Like he said he doesn’t know what he would do if she was. They ned to get together by the end of the season. And the breakdown from Fitz was quite good as well, we didn’t see Coulson reacts to the news really, like he waits to see Ward and see it from himself.

The other big stuff was the fact that Maria Hill, the second of Fury was back, asked by May to save Coulson. Working for Stark since the battle of D.C, she’s willing to make a deal with Talbot and the government to keep secret. A much colder (but not surprising side) of her but also the sweet side with her friendship with Coulson and my favorite the sarcatic side when she talks to Ward, that was a great moment and I wished it lasted longer. I love the character and I hope that she’ll come back sometime.

I read a lot that everybody found the all « I escape with a flying car named Lola » amazing but except for the terrible special effets (I mean it’s a Marvel thing not Once upon a time) I didn’t enjoy that much. And they should just have shown the escape not the parking, it was too much. But I loved the pain of Coulson when they remind him that they shoot his deary car.

Skye and Ward obviously get the spotlight and I’m glad that Ward might doubt Garrett when he can see (and feel) that his mentor is willing to let him die even if we all know that Skye wouldn’t turn to be a murderer. I’m feeling a redemption moment in the finale.

And finally, Hill is showing some new secrets about T.A.H.I.T.I and we learned that Coulson was on the project and asked Fury to stop it and never use it on someone as they kinda all die after sometime. Does it means that Coulson and Skye are dying? I didn’t get everything. But once again, Fury is going to get some explaining to do and I think I read that he was on the season finale? So it’s gonna tense…

No more S.H.I.E.L.D for a show untitled Marvel agents of S.H.I.E.L.D seems quite meaningless. Does the return of Fury also means the return of his agency? Or will we have to wait for Avengers 2 to see it back? Two more episodes to go to find out.


Strong parts:

– Skye and Ward were creepy as fuck. But the good kind creepy.

– Maria Hill, as badass as always, has returned and it was glorious.

Weak parts:

– The car flying and parking… I don’t have the words.

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