TV Show Review : Madam Secretary, The Operative, 1×03

Madam Secretary

This is getting better and better and I’m really glad to find that not all the new shows are crap. From the pilot, the show is getting stronger and stronger, I really love the character and the balance between comedy and drama. The constancy between the first three episodes does bode well for the future.

I felt like maybe too many White House/Washington (House of Cards, Veep, Scandal) shows could only means that the new one was going to be good because seriously, what is left to say ? But Madam Secretary is impeccable. There were so many new shows these last couple of weeks and except maybe Gotham, you don’t feel like there so many financial means or work on the writing. There aren’t all bad, but they are just entertaining. Madam Secretary hook you for forty minutes. That’s the difference, that what makes it a really good show.

This week, a former operative decided to leaked all the confidential emails and the proof that USA is spying on its allies to « take down the country ». Why not after all. Everybody can be bored and be inclined to put the lives or CIA agents in jeopardy when their true identity are revealed. So, this Viper is having fun, reminding me of the beginning of Wikileaks when nobody could do anything except waiting for the blow of the next leak. It’s fun to watch. But when a CIA agent is captured in Pakistan, Elizabeth is not that impressed.

The most interesting thing that it’s the first time that Elizabeth crosses the line between her job and involving her family. She needs her husband helps to get the hostage back and he needs to forget about his ethics and give a better grade to a student of his, the daughter of one of the most powerful guy in Russia. It’s a direct implication of a civilian in the state department and he is the one to put his career in danger to save a man. Even after her heartfelt declaration at the end, saying that she is sorry and that she doesn’t want to become someone she’s not, I can’t see the characters not having relationship issue over her job. Even if they already looks like OTP, the crazy hours, the confidentiality and the « favours » will probably take a roll on them.

Probably my favorite new show, great rhythm, great character and the actors are more than convincing.


Strong parts :

– The chemistry and complicity between Elizabeth and her husband. They were so cute spying on their daughter.

– There some fun parts and some emotional parts and both are working without thinking that it is too much or not enough.

– Tea Leoni is another sassy queen that I love.

Weak parts :

– The resolution of the crisis was very Once upon a time or some other awesome but impossible show, very very unlikely. (understatement of the year)

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