TV Show Review : Madam Secretary, Pilot

Madam Secretary

A new show with a lead actress that seems to be badass can only interest me. And for sure, Madam Secretary delivers. I’m not on Cloud 9 after watching this for few reasons. The first one, and the most obvious, is that I felt like I knew everything about this pilot as the trailer was giving away so much. So there weren’t a lot of surprises. I understand that you need to give something to the viewers to attract them but it was like I saw the episode on May. I’m waiting on the next episodes to see if my attention can be captured.

The second one is more subversive, as I can understand why it was such a success last week (around 15 millions of direct viewers) as there is absolutely everything to please the Americans. It is not necessary a bad thing but it was like all the episode was made to strike a sensitive nerve : the first mission of the heroine is to free young and idealist Americans from the bad Syrians, the Secretary of State who is not without reminding us of Hillary Clinton, at the top of her media exposure now and the non political person who must changes her life (and her family’s) to help her country and refuse to play by the rules. It’s the typical American drama. Again, it can still be great. But it doesn’t have the humor of Veep and it’s too far from the real political show like House of Cards. It’s a nice mix, made to please the mass and why not after all. I don’t watch all my TV shows to be highly confused or to be challenged intellectually. I like to be entertained as well and as such, I believe it can be quite the show of the fall.

As the show itself, I like Tea Leoni that I don’t know as the main character, even if her interpretation is sometimes a bit off, overall she did a great job. The secondary characters are impressive as well. I’m glad to welcome back in my watch list Tim Daly (Private Practice) and to see the wonderful Zeljko Ivanek in the role of Chief of Staff hostile to the newest addition of the White House. I really liked the teenager, the anarchist son, I thought that all his intervention were witty, fun and well-thought. So I hope we won’t lose the family aspect of the show.


Strong parts :

– There is nothing to reproach to this episode, it was made to be tough to criticize.

– The secondary characters are already promising

– A show with a lead actress who isn’t a bimbo/young and dumb/desperate woman is good for TV.


Weak parts :

– No real surprise, it delivers what it has to deliver but doesn’t reach really reach my heart.

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