TV Show Review : Madam Secretary, Just Another Normal Day, 1×04

Madam Secretary

Oh, I love this show. There’s still some new things coming in on TV that I’ll watch this fall, but Madam Secretary wins hands down the best beginning of a season. I know that Gotham is going to be great, that the Flash is good in its own way or that some comedy can really work like Black-ish or Cristela. But this one had no problem from the pilot. Everything is already in place and that should be a standard. We didn’t wait for a season to love HoC or OITNB. Right from the first minutes we were hooked. Same as so many shows and yet, this year I don’t feel it except for this show. A lot has to do with Tea Leoni who really is exceptional. Her character is a normal one. A very smart, very sexy and confident and she loves her job and her country but also her family and she needs to juggle with everything and of course there is a crisis everyday but she can say at the end of the day that she avoided WWIII and we feel all of it with her. And I saw that the audience weren’t that good and it’s not sure that the show won’t be cancelled. I’m not okay with it at all ! Go watch the show.

About this week, the Chinese and the Japanese needs to sign a piece of paper, telling the world that they won’t start a war and everybody is looking forward to it. Unfortunately, a Chinese student, refuses to going back to China while being on a trip to America because she thinks that her safety is in danger. Chinese government = not happy. Elizabeth is having a massive headache because she just wants to go home and not dealing with all this shit.

Turns out that the girl does like China and doesn’t want to live America, she finds her sister who had to be given for adoption (I see you, raising your eyebrows, of course it is possible that in the entire world she’ll find her sister in the 24 hours she is in Washington)

If the family part wasn’t interesting, Tim Daly is still a great second role as the loyal husband and pretty laid-back dad.

We getting used to this little cabinet and how they have to deal in last moment crisis with a Secretary of State that they don’t necessary endorse but don’t have a choice and a Secreatry of State who is doing what she can for her country without destroying her family and losing herself into the shadows of the politics.

Strong parts :

– Playing basketball, having a breakdown in front of the Chief of Staff, crying in her husband’s arms, lying to the Chinese governement, Tea Leoni is amazing in everything.

– I really liked the plot, even though after all the second season of House of Cards I was sick of all the Chinese business.

Weak parts :

– The family part wasn’t really essential. Nobody really cares about the fight of two teenagers.

– Please CBS, don’t cancel it.

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