TV Show Review : Madam Secretary, Blame Canada,1×04

Madam Secretary

We keep on knowing better the characters of this show through the crisis and with two conflicts we sure learn a lot. I still have issue to remember the names of Elizabeth’s staff so I don’t really care about what they are doing or not. But the fact that Matt and Daisy are having an affair while being engaged to others people. It’s good to focus more about them and let them know to be more than wallpaper in the show and yet, I kinda agree when Nadine tells them « Nobody cares ». Between two rounds under the sheets, the two lovebirds are wondering whether Elizabeth’s assistant is gay or not and it might be trivia but I think it paints a realistic atmosphere of an office.

There is also a shift between Elizabeth and the President. He seemed like the withdraw guy, who trusts his friend and waits for Elizabeth and Russell to argue and then pick a side. He looked like a father figure till then and now we could really see that he is the fucking President and the rest of the world lives to serve him. Honeymoon is over, he is now in charge.

Russell was almost on Elizabeth’ side this week ! Could it be the beginning of a friendship… Well a partnership to save the USA from the bad guys ? It might be and it could be very effective as they are both at the top of their game.

Another really good idea was to involve more Elizabeth’s husband, Henry. He is picked by a tabloid as one of the Top arm-candy of the government and because of it, his son decides to write an essay on him and not on his powerful mother. It was great for a few things : first, even if Henry loves deeply his wife, it mustn’t be easy to be married to the Secretary of State and knowing that his job is always going to be second. Secondly, he allows us to see a bit more of his back story : a former Marine who is now teaching religion in Georgetown is interesting and when the altercation with the soldiers happens, we can see a darker side to the character who isn’t your typical professor. And finally, the ending scene between father and son, when Jason asks if his father killed people and how he feels about that was really good. It was a beautiful moment and I hope that will see more of that.

About the conflicts, we have the threat of a war with Iran (not good at all) and the threat of a « war » with Canada (not a priority then). It wasn’t that interesting except that the shadow of late Secretary Mash was very present. It is his guy who lied to the President, saying that he was doing all he could to avoid, when he was rooting for a military action (that’s for Iran) and the conflict with Canada allowed Elizabeth to realise that Mash had hired an oil lobbyist to write an objective report on a pipeline. Not good. The ambitions of the Secretary, being President, could have cost him his life and there is more and more evidence that the guy could be dirty. It’s no surprise then that Elizabeth wants an investigation. It’s more of a surprise when she wants an investigation on Nadine.

Great episode, everything is moving smoothly, the characters are revealing themselves and it is still very pleasant to watch.


Strong parts :

– Tom Daly is having more and more good scenes and doesn’t disappoint

– It’s not everyday that Canada wants a war with USA.

– Can Tea Leoni always be one of the factors that I love this show ? Yes ? Motion accepted.


Weak parts :

– It was a good episode but nothing out of the ordinary came out of it.

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