TV Show Review : Madam Secretary, Another Benghazi, 1×02

Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary is one of the hit show of this fall season and it has a lot of expectations to meet. Tea Leoni is doing a great job but I found this second episode a bit flat. The structure is way too conventional to let place to surprises. Clearly, we know that the supposed treat to Elizabeth job is vain as we are only at the beginning of the show and I didn’t care if the Ambassador was dead or not. I already said it to my previous review but as there is less humor than Veep, less corrupt and sexy than Scandal and less politics than House of Cards, the show hasn’t really find its place. Not that it isn’t great, it’s a great distraction but it is not something that could be addicted to, at least not in that format.

Another episode, another international crisis for the Secretary of State, this time in Yemen when the Embassy is under attack. Obviously the Chief of Staff who didn’t appreciate (big understatement) that Elizabeth is a friend with the President and went above his authority at the beginning of her nomination decides to not act, even if Americans could be killed. The Secretary has to protect the Ambassador (one of her friend) without the official help of the White House. Between a golf demonstration and a lovely meet with the CEO of a private army, she thinks that the situation is under control. But, when everything is fine at work, it’s at home that problems starts : out of the blue, well it’s only be one episode but still, unexpectedly, we learn that she has an older daughter who is at college and who decided to organize a protest again some injustice. Respectable idea but when you are the « mystery daughter » of one of the most powerful person in the USA, the newspapers and tabloids are having a blast. It was interesting because we saw more of how Elizabeth’s private life can affect her work. While her top priority is Yemen, her staff is more concerned about the press. I couldn’t avoid thinking about one episode of Veep when Selina’s daughter wrote an article against Israel and the press is also all over it and it’s more about damage control than trying to understand the teenager. It’s a relationship that will be interesting to follow.

definitely not a bad show, far from it, but it doesn’t have this strong identity, the little thing that will put it above the others.


Strong parts :

– The show has a really good lead actress with Tea Leoni. Sharp, witty, funny she’s the solid foundation of something that could collapse easily.

– The new character, the third child of Elizabeth could be interesting. Or a real burden to the plot but I don’t think so.

– There’s no really anything wrong, the episode are really well made even if they are not outstanding.

Weak parts :

– Doesn’t give me goosebumps.

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