TV Show Review: Limitless, Pilot and Badge! Gun!, 1×02

Jake McDorman as Brian Finch in Limitless

After the fiasco of that Minority Report pilot, I was a bit anxious to see what Limitless would look like. I really loved some aspect of this pilot and disliked a lot of others. Let’s review.

I didn’t have a very high expectation for this show because I’m rarely impressed by adaptations. And we were losing Bradley Cooper in the deal. The movie was nice, nothing fantastic but I had a great time watching, the scenario had an almost original idea and everything was holding up.

So even with Bradley as a producer I started the show hoping that I wouldn’t be as disappointed than the pilot of MR. And I absolutely loved the first 30 minutes or so. Jack McDornan is doing great and I think he can really portray an interesting ans surprising character. Jennifer Carpenter didn’t make much of an impression but she has the potential to be a decent supporting role. Mostly it was the rhythm, already so on point in the pilot and the second episode that striked me. It was perfectly dosed and the realisation was sober than the movie but even more effective. The changes of color when he is on NZT are visible but subtle enough to not be distracting. The idea to use two Brians is also terribly effective. The NZT version is obviously smarter, way way smarter but also more charming, sassier and so much more imaginative. But the « regular » Brian is worse than I thought. I mean, the character in the movie was average, a bit of a loser, but he had some brain. This one… He doesn’t realise that someone can answer every question of the Trivial Pursuit, be hired by the FBI and brag about it and avoid questions. I know that you can be a show-off but still. So, yeah, I love the way they made him discover NZT, the way they present us the characters and the general atmosphere of the show.

But I don’t like his involvement with the FBI, I mean how many crime drama do we have with a law enforcement character and a « I have a special gift » character? Too much already. So I’m not going to say that I won’t like it but I doubt it will ever use the full potential of the situation.

The second episode, even if it was a true crime drama episode was fun, same amazing rythme, great lead character, even if a bit naïve, and the supporting roles are no jokes. I didn’t expect a biological virus targeting the descendents of Ghenkis Kang, I must admit but the rest was quite predictable. The running gag with the badge and the gun was entertaining and


What I liked:

– The realisation, the atmosphere and characters

What I disliked:

– I think it was the easy solution to think that Limitless could only be a crime drama.

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