TV Show Review : How To Get Away With Murder, Hello Raskolnikov, 1×10


Grey’s was sad, Scandal was surprising but How to get away with murder was fucking intense! I criticized a lot this show, you can check my previous review of it and I stand by my opinion but I feel that now we are really getting to the core of the subject. The characters are getting paranoid, psychotic, borderline and everything and it’s fantastic. There are still a lot of flashbacks but it felt less forced and more like a link to the first part of the season. I’m glad that we are now in the time « after » the murder and that it is now that the situation is going to get tricky. Connor (and obviously Jack Falahee) is the best thing of this show (Viola Davis is close second) but he is so hypnotic, so stretched to his limits, it’s a really nice experience to watch.

The other actors are more and more comfortable in their roles as well. I still have issues with Rebecca, the blonde one and Franck but overall, they are believable. Alfred Enoch is impressing and I start to get attached to his character.

Everybody is trying to get away with it but everyone has his own agenda and because they are so many players involved, it makes it so good to witness it. Nate has the power to break Annalise, Rebecca has the power to break Wes, Connor has the power to break himself basically, Michaela and Lauren could pull it off I guess. But they made mistakes and I’m rooting for the justice at this point.

I loved that the exam’ subject was their crime, it made it so perverse, so twisted and I think Annalise can go so much deeper in the darkness, she won’t save her students because she feels something for them, it is all about her and it is actually exciting. Because she is way more powerful than them but they have the power to destroy her as well. I really don’t know how the season is going to end and what will happen during the investigation but I can’t wait to find out.

I was tired of the flashbacks and the never ending « there will be a murder but it is never happening » and I’m really impatient to see what the writers have in mind for us.

Strong parts :

– I’m used to falling in love with middle age actress paying badass character, but if I could stop falling in love with psychotic gay character that would be nice. Connor quoting Dostoyevsky was too much. I love him.

– Viola Davis was amazing in this episode. I mean, she’s pretty amazing in every episode but this was another level.

– Now that the crime had been committed, the real fun starts!


Weak parts :

– Really, this week, nothing.

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