TV Show Review : House of Cards, Season Three

Kvin Spacey

Like every year, we all stop having a social life (for the ones you have one all year-long) and binge watch the new chapters of HoC. Next stop will be in June for Orange is the new Black but for now, let’s review this third season.

I fell in love with the show after one episode, I fell in love with Claire and admired Frank. I loved how they were this invincible couple, cold as ice, manipulative, ready to do anything to win and well, murderers. In season two I was a bit less in love, mostly because of the Chinese storyline. I respect the way Beau wants to portray a realistic fiction but real politics bore me. So, in this third season, going all about International Relationship lost me more. What I loved on the first season was how Frank and Claire worked to destroy everybody inside Washington. The internal wars of the White House. How you can find allies and crush your enemies. And there is none of it in this season. I’m not saying that I didn’t like or that it wasn’t good because I did and it was but I’m not sure I would have said the same if I had to wait a week to see each episode. Because it’s so easy to watch all the season in two days you keep on watching but

Again, I respect how Beau is doing his show, but I don’t need another show telling me what to vote in real life. I’m not even Americans. If he wants the Democrats to win, then good for him but I don’t see why I should watch 13 hours of light propaganda. Yes, America is good, yes, Russia is bad and Israel is a pain in the ass. We got it. I can watch the news if I want to know that. So yeah, this part was too pronounced for me. But I must admit that Petrov was doing a great Putin. It was also nice to see someone far more powerful than Frank, without any weakness to exploit. The two conversations, the first in Washington with the all cigar thing and then in the middle of nowhere Middle East were pretty much the most intense things of this season. I guess it shows us that inside the White House, Frank is a shark. But like Claire he doesn’t have enough experience or cruelty in them to actually be the scariest guys anymore.

I guess another let down of this season was that Dunbar, Jackie or Remy were interesting. They never really existed. Dunbar was present in every episode or almost and yet she had no substance. She was somebody when she had Doug, but for the rest, she was never credible as a real treat to Frank. The others two were pathetic. I’m sad for Remy because it could have be a great character.

I was never a fan but I got really tired really fast of Doug (basically after the first episode). I’m not sure that I’m glad he’s alive. He was a great right arm for Frank but all his shit about Rachel, I never got it. And I seriously yelled at my screen during the last episode, just kill the girl, she’s insane and tried to kill you first. I’m not sure that she’s the one buried there. I really doubt that. And it will come to bite him in the ass. And Frank’s.

Something that I loved is that Claire is even a bigger ice bitch in this season. Her comment « To Petrov and his little pickle » was the best moment of the season. Class, sass, brains and beauty, she the deadliest cocktail. I really cannot wait to see how she is going to go back to the top, on her own, like the freaking badass woman she is. Blonde or brunette, she is fantastic, kudos to Robin Wright, she’s perfect.

I don’t really anything to say about Kevin Spacey and it sadden me. Of course he is brilliant but there is evolution. His little one on one with the viewers are not as sharp as before. When he was talking after murdering a dog or a human being it was like a punch in the face. Now it’s barely comment of the situation. Only one or two of these interventions made me react. Not enough. But as the lead actor he is still the beast.

I’ll be there next February but not with the same fire. I want to know how the story ends and even if I make reproach it is still one of the best show right now.


Strong parts :

– Robin Wright is magnificent.

– Kevin Spacey is still doing a pretty good job even if his character lost some of its sharpness.

– It is also interesting to see the Underwoods as losers. The more they grow apart, the less successful they become.


Weak parts :

– After all the Chinese mess, it is now the Russian mess.

– Not enough Meechum. Nobody forgot last season. I want more Meechum.

– Pretty tired of Doug and his shit.

– I really don’t like to make a choice between Frank and Claire but it will be Claire all the way.

– They are lucky that it’s a Netflix show, if I had to wait a week between each episode, I’m not sure I would keep watching.

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