TV Show Review : Grey’s Anatomy, Where Do We Go From Here, 11×09

grey's anatomy

I cannot care less about Meredith and Derek situation. They are fine, good. They are not fine, good as well. I found completely stupid to get Derek leaving, just like that, while the guy has two kids under 6 years old. I mean, I know that 99% of the TV Shows are impossible to believe if you don’t want to do so and that it is fiction, but how can a guy like Derek just pack a suitcase and forget that he has a baby son? I don’t know, it was pretty terrible to me. No, the most important thing for me was April and Avery. I was thinking during the previous episode, and this one, how I couldn’t stand Kepner at the beginning, and it lasted a long time, but I guess her relationship with Avery showed a new aspect of her, she doesn’t speak with her high-pitched voice anymore and I found her more and more interesting.

I’m aware that I get invested a lot in my shows. I mean, my parents don’t get it at all when I just feel sad or ridiculously happy after watching an episode. It’s the same with books. I get attached to the characters. So, I was really moved by the direction the writers decided to take about Jackson and April’s baby. It’s a great idea, but it is one of the saddest of the show. (And we had plenty of emotions on Grey’s in the last ten years). I don’t have kids so I cannot even start to understand what someone in their situation must feel but it was enough to make me feel like crap.

I don’t know if April’s reaction was a realistic, it worked for me, Avery’s was really believable, he is breaking down but he still has hope while April knows that in the best case scenario, they are going to be miserable. When she tells him that it is a boy and breaks down, I wasn’t far for the tears as well. Actually, they got me at the title card. I cannot remember if it was altered before? I guess it was, but it still got me, like a shattered glass, it’s once again a period in the show when nobody is okay (maybe at the exception of Jo and Alex). And yet at the end, the image was so beautiful, the light of Seattle reflected in the water, like there is still hope (apparently Meredith/Derek >>> April/Jackson since one has a chance when the two others are hopeless).

There is also the case of Dr Herman. She’s a really interesting character and I hope that she won’t die soon because she challenges Arizona and yet she’s so fragile, so scared of what is happening to her that I just to hug her (if I was sure that she wouldn’t break my jaw). Her little monologue about hope really got me, Geena Davis is a really great actress and it is another narrative plot that I really enjoy in the show right now.

I guess it is about everything, there weren’t too much space for the others character to express themselves in this episode and yet, everything is touched by Jackson and April’s tragedy, aware or not of the situation. Even if it’s going to hurt, I can’t wait to see what the next weeks are going to bring us.

A great episode, a lot of emotions and a great performance from the actors, Grey’s Anatomy comes back strong for this second part of the season.


Strong parts :

– Well done to Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams, it was great acting.

– The little boy who wants to be a brick wall was super cute, impossible to smile at him.

– Arizona and Amelia’s friendship is beautiful to see.

Weak parts :

– Meredith and Owen talking about Cristina made me realise, once again, how much the show is lacking of something since Sandra Oh left.

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