TV Show review: Grey’s Anatomy, We are never ever getting back together, 10×22


 We are never ever getting back together and it’s almost the end of the season… And it kinda hurts. The departure of Sandra Oh is like a gigantic cloud leaving its shadow on a really great second part of this tenth season. I was really bored during September-December but the dynamic since February is fantastic. It’s impressive to have a show still has its top after ten years.

So about this episode… It was great, really great. Except for the Zurich scene who were terrible. Not the actual plot with Burke and Cristina, I’m talking about the green screen to insert Zurich landscape. Terrible. But it’s a detail.

Obviously everything felt secondary when the reunion of Burke and Cristina happens. I knew that he was going to be the trigger of her departure from Seattle, not quite like that but actually his come back was better than expected. I hated the guy (character and actor) when he left and the all « he was the love of her life » never strike me. I think that Owen was more the love of her life. But it didn’t work out either. The come back was well staged and you can understand why Cristina is going to leave everything, the hospital, but mostly Meredith, her person, to live across the globe. The holographic stuff of the heart was amazing, I don’t know if it’s real or not but an hospital like Burke’s is everything for Yang. It still breaks my heart a bit but at least she won’t die and we’ll have a nice farewell. Well, the all « I’m giving you an hospital worth more than hundred of millions like that even if I didn’t saw or talk to you in seven years after leaving you at the altar » was a loose end but ok, why not.

About Seattle, it looks like it’s clearly over between Richard and Catherine. I thought that maybe he would manage to separate his girlfriend from the head of the fundation but apparently not. It’s sad, I loved them. Japril are so happy about April’s pregnancy that her OB/GYN asks them if they want an abortion. But they are still hope for them, mainly because Jackson is doing some efforts about it. April is never going to change a bit about her faith, even for her wedding and kids and I feel that it’s not fair for Avery who has to say Amen to everything. But eh, it’s their wedding, not mine. And April was right when she stood in front of Webber because Jackson has nothing to do with the comittee of the Harper Avery. I don’t remember if they were Calzona time on that episode so if so, it didn’t give me a big impression but they are fine it’s all that matters. I feel more conflicted about Jolex. I’m glad that Alex is happy in his new job but we don’t see him anymore and that’s not ok at all. I need him back asap.

Bailey is the one with the biggest story after Cristina. Her stuff worked, the boy is alive and fine but at some point someone is going to discover what she’s done and it won’t go smooth even if she saved his life. And she can’t publish or tell Avery the result so her funding is going to be cut. I guess will see the end of it before the end of the season and I’m pretty excited about it.

It was also the return of the weird medical cases with the two sisters. It was spectacular but I never watch the show for the medical stuff so except showing some Derek and Amy time it didn’t interested me a lot.

And probably not relevant but I can’t believe how Ellen Pompeo looked amazingly beautiful at the end when she says to Cristina « You’re leaving ». I mean she’s beautiful but I don’t know if it was the light, the make up, anything but it’s been years since I found her that stunning.

Strong parts:

– The moment Burke starts talking was one of the most powerful moment of the season

– The banter between Callie and Derek, they are really a nice duo.

– I like seeing Alex so happy. Even if Jo suffers a bit about it.

Weak parts:

– Zurich looked like a 7th grade theater production

– I need more episodes. Or longer ones.


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