Tv Show Review : Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to get away with murder

Shondaland on Thursday

Grey’s Anatomy, Puzzle with a piece missing, 11×02

Rated : 4/5

Except for Addison, no other character seduced me as quick as Pierce. She’s sweet and yet overly capable of taking care of herself. And she’s great with Jo Wilson/Witton/Willis/… Jo had nobody except Alex since the others interns left and that Stephanie is completely absent (we saw her like what 3 minutes in 2 episodes ?) and we don’t see Jo and Callie together anymore. Pierce is the one to have to fight for her place as Owen and Meredith miss Cristina. So do I, so do I. She teams up with Bailey for the genome project and she fights for what belongs to her. But she doesn’t know Meredith and her coping mechanisms and she’s in for a big roller coaster.  After what happens to Lexie, even if she finds that somehow it’s true, she won’t stop fighting to not get her close and get hurt again. I loved how Pierce is sad that Meredith has adopted Zola and isn’t the monster she thinks she is. I’m glad that Calzona are in the same path but it seems that every episode one of them is changing her mind so please have a beautiful baby and be happy. The only problem of this episode is that it was so centered on Pierce that we haven’t seen anyone else or so. Amelia is cool though. I didn’t think that we would have the confrontation between Pierce and Meredith so soon so it was a nice surprise (The « I’m your half-sister » went as smoothly as « I’m your father ».) and I’m sure that Meredith will know that Richard is her father and that means war in Grey Sloan Memorial. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Great episode to learn who is Meredith’s half-sister. The wound of Lexi’s death is still open and yet a new Grey’s has landed in Seattle. For better or worse.



Scandal, The State of the Union, 4×02

Rated : 3/5

Can we have a spin-off for Mellie ? Like a sort of reality tv were we would see her all day eating, going to her son’s grave, having meltdown and just be broken ? I know I’m terrible but seriously I’m in love with Bellamy Young right now. She’s seriously perfect and I feel that I can’t say that much of bad things about the show when she’s like that. Few things made me feel good about Scandal after so many awful episodes. First is the « conversation » or monologue of Cyrus with Mellie about how she cannot say that losing Jerry was more terrible than him losing James. It felt true, something that you don’t feel anymore and I was sorry for both. Cyrus was a monster with his husband and Mellie never had a relationship with her son as she always feared that he wasn’t Fitz’s child. They both treated them like shit and now that they are gone they are broken. I like this part of the show. The second one was Fitz’s speech which also felt true somehow. It’s a speech that I would love a President has the balls to say (about gun legislation, I’m French and I can’t understand how many kids die every year because everybody can buy a gun). I’m glad that there is a new enemy. I don’t remember exactly what Portia’s character is doing but she wants Cy’s head and I can’t bear another minute with Papa Pope so I’m glad. Liv, minus the express strip-tease is still in the shadows. Even more when Cy decides to play the blackmail card and she gives up trying to stand in the sun. And, are you up for some gambling ? How many episodes left for Abbie to go back to Liv ? I say two.

So, Jake and Liv are definitely a thing and if Fitz decides to fuck her while his wife is like that everybody would hate him, Liv agrees with the world, Quinn and Huck should never be a thing, Cyrus is going to pay to have sex with an Apollon, himself paid by the new bitch in town (love you Portia), David and Abby are more or less over. Let’s pour some wine…


How to get away with murder, It’s all her fault, 1×02

Rated : 3/5

Already some signs that HTGAWM won’t probably be the lasting show that Scandal or Grey’s are with more than a couple of seasons. There are already few weakness even if the show is still mostly pleasant to watch.  Surprisingly, I thought that Viola Davis was impeccable in the pilot and I thought that she wasn’t that good in this seconde episode. First, I don’t know what game her character is plating. Has she some real feelings for her husband or her boyfriend ? Does she do everything for manipulation or is there a part of her genuine ? I can’t figure out what she wants and I don’t like that. The second thing is purely subjective once again and it’s the realisation. We saw all the flash-forward scenes already, it’s been a week, why do it again? And why using so much of them ? I don’t feel like playing the detective in front of the show and yet there are asking me too. Did Annalise’s husband killed his student? Did Rebecca and her football player friend did it? Why Wes is taking so many risks and had fallen in love with Rebecca ? Two episodes and already we are in information overload. It’s Shonda’s recipe : go so fast that you are afraid to miss a single minute of the show because a valuable information could be missed. But I liked the plot about the murderer husband that they need to defend on court and I really like the gay one, I didn’t get all the names yet and how his the dirtiest to find information. The other ones didn’t give me any impression.

I catched a bad cold this afternoon and then watched this episode so maybe it wasn’t that different from the pilot but I felt that way. I’m sure it will be good for a season at least and maybe it’s the point.

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